The Little Keukenhof in the Backyard

Hello spring time! Hello everyone! Wow, quite such awhile since I was away in this blog. This is the effect for being busy most of the time. First of all, I want to express my gratitude to my Big Boss for giving us a wonderful weather today. It was such a nice spring weather with blues sky and sunshine the whole day. I feel alive and recharge again!


various kinds of tulips in my backyard. I love these spring flowers!

I got some photos of tulips for you here! For me, tulips are magical flowers. Everytime I see  them in my garden, it always reminds me of my visit to the World’s Second Biggest Garden, the Keukenhof which is located in Lisse, the Netherlands. I had the chance to explore that garden paradise with friends back in spring 2013. I really love that place. I am glad that I have some tulips in my garden  which reminds me of Keukenhof from time to time.  I am glad that the tulips keep on coming back every spring season. I am always excited to see them blooming. (more…)


Investing on Real Property is One of the Best Investments you can do

Let me share this story first before I proceed with the main topic. I have a friend who is married to an American guy. Actually, the husband is earning a good money because he has a good job as an officer in the US Army. Last year, I had a conversation with this friend of mine. The husband asked her if she really wanted a new car. Can you imagine driving a luxury car like BMW if your husband will buy one for you?

To make the story short…. she told her husband that her car is still not so old and she can drive it for more years. They decided not to buy one because she said that for that money, she can already buy hectares of land in her home country. I agree with her decision. Once you drive the car for some kilometers, it starts to depreciate. On the other hand, if you will invest it in buying real property like a parcel or hectares of land, in some years, it will appreciate. This simply means that investing on buying a land is the one of the best investments you can do because its  value will increase  after some years especially if you have a good location. (more…)


Home Improvements Still Going On

This is indeed a long term project.  We  started  this  ten years ago and up to now  it is still going on. I guess, this home improvement for our retirement home will take some more years. I would say, another  5-10 years depending in the finances. Until we will retire there, I believed  it is already done.

IMG_4081The terrace/patio which is still going on. I hope the workers can already paint it before I arrive there…soon!

I am really proud of this  project. It cost a lot of hard work and money but it is slowly paying off because as of now,  we are seeing  the concrete  results and the house is already standing. (more…)


How to Save Money, Have a Clean House, and Not Suffer From Chemical Poisoning

Turn on the television on any day, and you’re likely to see an advert for some new cleaning product that promises to do what no other cleaning product has been able to accomplish. A fashionably dressed actor joyfully demonstrates how to remove those tough stains with little or no effort at all, then steps back and admires her handy work (It is usually a woman, isn’t it?).

Let’s be honest here. When was the last time you wore a snappy outfit to clean your house? And if we’re being honest, we can’t help but wonder why that super housekeeper on the telly allowed her walls to get so dingy in the first place. But that’s all beside the point, really. What really matters to us is whether the products we use will actually perform as advertised, how much they will cost, and what chemicals are in the toxic brew that can dissolve away such filth without the user breaking a sweat (or into hives, for that matter). (more…)


Why Schools Have Joined The Tablet Revolution

As the learning landscape shifts towards a technology-driven experience, it’s becoming more common for Australian schools to adopt the ‘BYO iPad’ policy. As remaining on the forefront of technology is now almost an essential part of life, it seems only natural to ensure our future leaders become associated with new advanced technologies within their everyday learning environment. Here at Brus Media we know it may seem unnecessary to teach six-year-olds how to use a tablet, however the facts remain that tablets have many advantages that go beyond general entertainment, videos and gaming apps. Tablets have certainly gained momentum for business use, general use and entertainment use. Here’s why schools have jumped in on the tablet revolution as well. (more…)


Using a Plant Hiring Business

Is the office in the need for some green? Although many businesses spend a good amount of time on their landscape design, these same businesses may avoid investing in some plants and flowers that could really brighten up the workspace. This is where companies like Gaddys plant hire and hundreds of others come in. These companies offer consulting and interior design services for offices that need a little green around their office.

These companies will work with a business to set up the best design and layout for plants in the office. Whether its desk plants, floor plants, or flowers, these plant consulting businesses will find what type of plant would look best around specific parts of the office.  (more…)


Tips for Picking Out a Gun Safe

When you buy gun safes, there are a few different options that you need to look into before you decide which one you want to get. Not all safes are equal, not by any means, and some are also going to be more right for you than they would be for someone else. Everyone is in a different situation as far as what they desire and what they need, and those factors have to be taken into account. Below are a few tips that can help you make the right choice if you have not been sure which type of safe you should get. (more…)


Top Tips for Saving Money in the Home

We have all become a little more savvy with our money in recent times. It seems that everyone wants more bang for their buck. What used to be called penny-pinching is now called being savvy and there is nothing wrong with that. In times of austerity, we all need to know how to save money in the home. People are a lot less wasteful with their cash in recent times and everyone wants to make their money stretch further. The great thing is that there is no need to go without the things you want, but by being careful with your money you can reduce your household bills and save money in the long run.

This guide will give you some ideas how you can save money in the home. (more…)


Reasons to Keep Your Garage Tidy with Wall Accessories

LV.MDN.WeldedCompleter-thumb When you look into your garage, does it look like a tornado tore through a storage unit? For many people, this extension of the home is in disarray for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s from a lack of time or proper storage capabilities, items are strewn about not really having a place to be kept. However, installing wall accessories can help you keep your garage organized and well maintained.


It can be maddening when you’re looking for a specific tool or piece of equipment that you need in order to complete a home repair task. You know you have the item, but you can’t find it under all of those boxes, power tools and various gardening equipment.  (more…)


Why Everyone Should Seek The Advice of an Architect Before Renovating a Property


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 Buying a ‘fixer upper’ is often a choice people make for one of three reasons; the building is beautiful in itself, in a beautiful spot, or maybe financial constraints mean that this is the only avenue available to someone who wishes to own their own property. Of course, there will be other reasons why people are driven to take on such a challenge.

Derelict properties are often only worth the land they sit upon. Sometimes the building may be listed and, therefore, demolishing it and building new isn’t an option. This often leads to properties standing empty and unused for years as the cost of renovation will be more than the property will be worth when complete. (more…)



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