New Neighbors are Moving-In

Finally the house that was empty next door was finally sold. I believed the new owner had a great deal when buying it. The previous owner already moved to the United States of America and since the house was still in mortgage at the bank, she wanted to sell the house to fully pay the loan.

After some months of posting “house for sale” in front of it,  it finally found its buyer. A Hungarian couple bought it some months ago. There were some things that need to be repaired in the house. After it was done with the major renovations and repairs,  the couple finally decided to move-in.

Both are very friendly and I was even surprised one day when they knocked on the  door and offered us some food. Anyway, the husband is a cook back in Hungary. I did not hesitated to accept the food because in my home country, it is a sign that it is an offer for a beginning of  friendship.

I and the new neighbors have the same hobby, I guess. Or I would say, as they saw my garden that was full of flowers, they also utilize their  little space to plant some flowers.  Most of them are actually in the pots. They improved a lot in the house including  their  small backyard. Sometimes, they are even asking me about certain  plants and flowers and how it is  grown. I am not really a professional gardener but I love plants and flowers and  it  has been my hobby and passion growing it in my garden.

As the weeks comes,  the friendship gets better. When I cook something, I also share it to them and they are also happy about it. Sometimes, when they drink wine outside their little patio, they also offer me a glass of it. I believed  I  and my new neighbors are doing good with each other, which I find really a perfect neighborhood relationship.

When all neighbors are like them, there will be no trouble at all. I am also thankful having such good neighbors.  How about you? How are your neighbors treating you?


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