Investing on Real Property is One of the Best Investments you can do

Let me share this story first before I proceed with the main topic. I have a friend who is married to an American guy. Actually, the husband is earning a good money because he has a good job as an officer in the US Army. Last year, I had a conversation with this friend of mine. The husband asked her if she really wanted a new car. Can you imagine driving a luxury car like BMW if your husband will buy one for you?

To make the story short…. she told her husband that her car is still not so old and she can drive it for more years. They decided not to buy one because she said that for that money, she can already buy hectares of land in her home country. I agree with her decision. Once you drive the car for some kilometers, it starts to depreciate. On the other hand, if you will invest it in buying real property like a parcel or hectares of land, in some years, it will appreciate. This simply means that investing on buying a land is the one of the best investments you can do because its  value will increase  after some years especially if you have a good location.

Earning money is not easy nowadays. Unless you are only picking-up money on the road, then you’re good to spend it for what you want. But hey, if I am also picking up money on the road, I would surely invest it on something that will grow. That is why it is very important to invest it for the future while you are still young. When you get old and weary, you can already say; it is time to stop working and retire and savor the rest of my life here on earth.

Over a decade ago, I also purchased a parcel of lot  in my home country. That time, the lot is so affordable in that area because there are still not a lot of houses there. When I went home, last year there are already subdivisions nearby and many  houses are already standing. Besides,  the location is also not so far from the city.

One of my friends in Germany also bought a lot in that area but he already bought it with quite a price. I am glad that I did bought that parcel of land  years ago. For now, the value of the lot is already 5 to 8 times higher.  Imagine the profit if I will be selling it. I actually sold a part of it, and with that price, I already have the return value of what  I paid for 10 years ago.

So people and friends  out there, think wisely  while you are still young and able. Invest for the future.  Don’t show off with those expensive stuffs like bags from Louis Vuitton or Chanel, etcetera..but  the truth is, you just use your credit card to buy it to compete with your friends who have one. Don’t stress yourself!  Live simply but happily!   It is  your life but then, keep thinking of the future. What if? you  lose your  job? or your  husband will leave you  or he will be gone forever and you are  just depending on him?

I am thankful that I did some wise decisions during my early age. I believed, I just did the right  thing. I can’t wait to go home for good and savor life with the fruit of my labors. Spend a  good time with my family and friends….hopefully soon! In God’s will!


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