Why Schools Have Joined The Tablet Revolution

As the learning landscape shifts towards a technology-driven experience, it’s becoming more common for Australian schools to adopt the ‘BYO iPad’ policy. As remaining on the forefront of technology is now almost an essential part of life, it seems only natural to ensure our future leaders become associated with new advanced technologies within their everyday learning environment. Here at Brus Media we know it may seem unnecessary to teach six-year-olds how to use a tablet, however the facts remain that tablets have many advantages that go beyond general entertainment, videos and gaming apps. Tablets have certainly gained momentum for business use, general use and entertainment use. Here’s why schools have jumped in on the tablet revolution as well.

Tablets give students a more stimulating, personalised approach to learning

We all know video games can keep children (and many adults) entertained for hours on end, but what if we could drive that focus to something more educational and productive for enhanced learning? Tablets and their associated apps have the ability to make learning more fun and stimulating than has ever been possible in previous years. The textbook vs. tablet debate may rage on, however it’s easy to see which of the two provides more interactivity, praise and challenges to the student – and it’s certainly not the dreaded chemistry textbook.

Tablets provide a limitless supply of resources available at each student’s fingertips

Gone are the days of bickering over library books and standing in line for a turn on the computer. Now students have direct access to textbook excerpts online with the option of highlighting, note-taking and research capability all at the swipe of a finger. From creating assignments through to recording measurements, the tablet opens a portal for education through a tangible and interactive object.

The tablet’s light weight makes for easy portability

Lugging vast amounts of heavy textbooks from class to class may soon become a horrible exercise of the past. With the introduction of tablets, we have not only a child-friendly learning environment solution, but also an ergonomic one as well. No more sore backs from heavy backpacks or sore arms from 500-page math books. Instead, one small lightweight piece of technology that is easily carried around the school takes its place.

Personalised BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school programs allow for heightened interest in learning

It has been recently found that students using their own personal devices such as tablets and phones achieve more in their learning activities than students who do not. With this easy accessibility to essential resources online via personal devices, there is no wasted time with school logins and therefore enhanced productivity. Personalised devices also allow for enhanced familiarity for swifter device use and individualised thinking.

While there is still some debate surrounding tablets being used in schools, it seems a natural step into this new age of technology, social networking and telecommunications. With a variety of applications making learning even easier for kids, it’s difficult to see how this technology could be kept out of the classroom.


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