Tips for Picking Out a Gun Safe

When you buy gun safes, there are a few different options that you need to look into before you decide which one you want to get. Not all safes are equal, not by any means, and some are also going to be more right for you than they would be for someone else. Everyone is in a different situation as far as what they desire and what they need, and those factors have to be taken into account. Below are a few tips that can help you make the right choice if you have not been sure which type of safe you should get.

1. Figure out how many guns you will need to store.
The basic place to start is just by looking at your gun collection. Small safes are designed for 5-10 guns, but you can easily get models designed for 50 or more.

2. Decide if you want the safe to be hidden.
While most gun safes just sit in the middle of a room, you can also find models that you install in your walls by sliding them between the studs. These are going to be totally hidden so that people will not even know that they exist if they break into your home. This gives you two levels of security.

3. Consider various types of guns, from handguns to shotguns.
Some gun safes are designed simply for rifles and shotguns, while others are made with shelves – in the door of the safe or above the main compartment – for handguns. Depending on what type of weapons you have in your collection, you may or may not need these shelves.

4. Decide what else you want to keep in the safe.
Another thing to think about is whether or not you want to store other things, like ammunition or cleaning kits, in the safe. These shelves can be used for anything that you want to lock up, but you need a model with enough shelf space for all that you own.

5. Consider the total weight.
Finally, think about the weight of the unit. If you buy a very small safe, it is possible that someone who breaks into your house could just steal the whole thing, guns and all. Larger, heavier safes are far harder to remove from the home. To some degree, this means that a heavier unit is a much better purchase.


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