Working From Home? Convert a Bedroom into a Traditional Study

Do you know what the cloud is? The chances are that if you work from home, a lot of that work will be done over the internet, In its simplest form, the cloud comprises online storage space for files and applications for creating and editing them.


More people than ever are finding that working from home is now possible thanks to this modern technology, and employers are often open to the idea.    Working from home cuts down on daily expenses that providing a working place would obviously occur.

So let’s assume that you have just won the ideal job for you. Childcare is no longer a problem and flexible hours are possible too. A place will be needed in your house to work from, and a spare bedroom would be an ideal choice. Some people would turn this room into a home office, but us traditionalists like to go one step further, and create a traditional study. Here’s how to do it.


Your study is going to need all of the technology that will enable you to reach, and work, in the cloud. This is a quick rundown of what you will need:

  • Computer. For cloud based work, a fast gaming machine isn’t necessary. A standard computer capable of running office applications will work fine.

  • Telephone

  • Internet access. The internet access will come via your home router. Wireless technology has come a long way, but I always opt for a cable connection to the router to ensure reliability.

  • Printer. Printers can be bought very cheap these days but the ink costs a lot of money. Do your research to find the best printer to suit your requirements.

  • Scanner. Scanners are essential for inputting documents to the computer. The Printer and scanner will probably come as one unit, which incorporates a copy function

  • Barcode reader. Perhaps you will be receiving goods or stock and will need to input it into spreadsheets. A barcode reader will save you a great deal of time. They come as plug-and-play devices so no setup is required.


Just because you are using modern technology doesn’t mean you must use modern furniture. Traditional desks are available in solid wood and featuring leather inlay on the top to maintain the traditional study theme.

Chesterfield chairs and leather sofas are ideally suited to your new room as they have a timeless feel to them.

Large, sturdy bookcases made from real wood will set the scene. Make them as tall as possible and move all of your reading material in to create a library of books. Now the room will be coming together nicely.


One central light works fine in this setting. Use a dark coloured lamp shade to subdue the light a little. As in the image, a green desk lamp is a must-have accessory. The windows would be ideally dressed with wooden venetian blinds to complete the high quality image for which you are looking in your new study. It’s a shame smoking is bad for you because a cigar burning in an ashtray on the desk would be the final touch.

So now you have your own classy study. Next time someone tells you they have an office at home, just grin to yourself.

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