Important Things to Remember when Planning a New Kitchen

When designing a new kitchen there are a few things to keep in mind for the overall design of the kitchen, that will help make your life as a budding chef much easier. Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in the house, and normally we work with what we have, but a kitchen that is well designed, with ample lighting and that makes the most of the available space can really help when you are trying to cook several things at once, or you are trying to cook a meal designed for a bunch of guests.

Storage Space

If you have limited available space in your kitchen, it is important to consider how to best store everything that you need in your kitchen. Using overhead cabinets to store a lot of your cutlery and kitchen utensils can be a great way to save on storage space, plus the cabinets are flexible and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This really works if you have a longer kitchen, as the cabinets can be made to any length.

Carousels and pull out drawers may seem appealing, but the mechanisms required for these cupboards take up valuable space and they are a nightmare to clean if any glass jars happen to break on them. Stick to simple cupboards and you will be golden.


Poorly lit kitchen areas are just a recipe for disaster, as lighting can disguise liquid spills as well as make it a lot harder for you to actually see what you are doing. Using spotlights to good effect can have a great impact on reducing kitchen related accidents. Try not to use elaborate hanging overhead lighting as grease and smoke rising from the oven and the hob can make it filthy and hard to clean.

For a better even spread of light, go for smaller lights in a higher frequency. Long strip-lights can be good for narrow kitchens but if one goes out, you’re pretty much at a loss, whereas if you have several lights and one fails, it is less likely to have a huge impact on your cooking.


It is crucial to have good ventilation in your kitchen, otherwise steam and grease will simply rise and coat the ceiling and all the lighting fixtures of your kitchen. Good ventilation will also disperse bad or strong odours more easily than kitchens that simply require on opening a few windows to increase ventilation. Plus with decent ventilation, you are at less risk of condensation and by default decrease the chances of mould growing in neglected areas of your kitchen. Ventinlation plays a huge part in the regulations surrounding commercial kitchens and domestic cooks can also benefit from learning more about how to keep a kitchen space well ventilated. For more details have a look at this guide to Health & Safety law.

When considering a new kitchen design it is important to think about what you will most likely be using the kitchen for. There is no point getting a mammoth fridge installed if it is only you and your pet gecko Stanley currently living in the house, however it might be wise to invest in a big freezer if you are a fan of making meals in bulk and then portion freezing them.

It is always good to get professional advice from an interior designer, as they may have a different outlook on the planned kitchen space and can offer a subjective opinion on what kitchen units would work well and what might be best for your particular kitchen.

Cassandra Treasure writes for a number of online publications about keeping your home in tip top condition and has contributed this article on behalf of Price Kitchens, Croydon’s premier kitchen company.


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