Five Construction Tools your Work Site Can’t Do Without

The list of tools you will find on a building site are endless but there are a few that you really can’t do without. When it comes to construction machinery it depends on the size and nature of the job as to what you will need to have on site and this can range from a mini excavator to large cranes and pier diggers. However, in terms of general work sites, the following forms a list of basic necessities.

Measuring Devices

Whether it be a tape measure or an electronic laser beam measuring device – recording distances and sizes in an accurate form is the most basic of necessities on a building site. Nothing is going to go to plan if you don’t have correct measurements and follow the size and scale of plans. These tools are used in all forms of building – from basic carpentry to large scale commercial projects and no job site should be without them.


Whether it be a basic hammer used by a carpenter nailing a nail into wood or an electric jackhammer breaking up large slabs of concrete or a wall of bricks – a hammer of some sort is definitely required. For use in both building and demolition, a hammer is something that even the beginner will reach for.

Safety Equipment

All sites are required by law to follow a range of rules designed to ensure a safe and productive work site. For this reason, hard hats are something no site should be without. Similarly, high visibility vests, proper footwear and appropriate signage outlining safety procedures that are easily visible to all people entering the site are required. Other safety equipment that should also be onsite include earplugs for noise control and glasses for eye protection.


Even a domestic site needs a wheelbarrow – a commercial or site needs many! This classic worksite tool is useful for a range of tasks ranging from mixing and carrying concrete, relocating materials around the site, shifting dirt, gravel and other landscaping items and collecting rubbish. A good wheelbarrow must have a well pumped up tyre and preferably be constructed of quality plastic so that it is not too heavy while being able to take big loads and is easily cleaned.

Cutting Device

From a basic knife to an electric cutter, all sites need some type of cutting device. Most will have an electric saw, essential for cutting wood while others will have a range of electrical cutters that can cut through concrete slabs, steel, reinforcement mesh and heavy duty plastic. These can be masonry saws, concrete saws, and circular saws. It is essential that blades on everything from a manual saw to an electric one are well maintained so that they work efficiently and are safe to handle. Workers using this equipment should ensure that they are properly trained in how to handle these powerful devices and are wearing suitable safely equipment.

Written by Michael Mace.


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