Heater is in Full Blast Now

What heater are you using during  winter season? Does it give enough heat to warm the whole  house? Do you spend enough money for heaters during winter season?
SAM_4603 Yes, our heater is running almost the whole day now. This is the effect of the cold autumn season. It also means that cold winter is about to come.  Heaters keep our home warm during cold seasons like winter.

We are actually using two kinds of heaters. One is our electric heater.  The other one is our wood pellet oven or stove, which is running  24 hours during winter season.  Our electric heaters which are  located in  every room of the house are  only turn on when  it is really very very cold in each room.

When the wood pellet oven is turning on, we are opening all the doors in the bedrooms, kitchen and  living room for the heat to be distributed around the house, thus saving a bit for our  power and energy or  electric bill.

Since  electric heaters are  getting more expensive every year,  we are so happy that we bought this wood pellet oven. We truly save  some money every year  compared to using electric heaters..

Unlike the regular wood oven, the pellet oven or stove  is also very convenient, easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner and it simply help us in saving money in terms of lowering  our electric bills. With the regular wood oven, when you stop putting wood on it, the fire will also stop.  In wood pellet oven or stove, the pellets will just drop automatically from  its storage which is located on top of it.

We are so thankful that we are using this equipment  and it was for sure a wise decision for us.

The image you here is our burning pellet stove. I love to stay sometimes in front of it to  get warmed.


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