Things To Do In My Kitchen

Good Morning! I woke up a bit early today. You know why? One more sleep and the Christmas is there. We all know that this is one of the busiest time in the year. I am hoping that most of you are getting fully ready for the big celebration. I woke up early today because I just have to do a lot of things in the house. I was out the whole day yesterday because I went to the Christmas market in Nuremberg. It is a place that is famous here in Germany with regards to Christmas market. I cannot imagine how many people were there yesterday. There were really a lot. Imagine millions of people visit this place just to witness the famous Christmas market. I also went a bit shopping for the last time before Christmas. I got great deals and was happy about it.

Another reason why I also woke up early? It is because I just have a lot of things to do in the kitchen. I have to slowly prepare some food for tomorrow’s Christmas dinner. I have to be fully organized starting today so that I can finish them without too much stress and waste of time. I was also talking to my husband about my dream kitchen. We have a small kitchen so I have to bear with it. Besides that it needs to be repaired also. My husband told me that hopefully next year, when he got enough time to do it. I am urge to let it repaired especially that I got some ideas at Style Hive. They simply have a lot of ideas regarding kitchen including kitchenwares, kitchen equipments and other kitchen stuffs. I hope you have a great Christmas this time. I wish you too a Merry Christmas and a Joyous and Bountiful New year!! have a great day folks!!


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