What really Matters Most!!

I just want to share an excerpts of some sort of a sermon in Kyregma. I believed this is true. I also want to share a true story in relation to below excerpts when I was in US last May-June, 2008..

My sister had some visitors last time in Las Vegas. Actually they are couple. The wife (aka Lady X) asked her “how big is your wedding ring’s diamond??” What a question?? what do you think?? My sister was a bit dismayed by the first question Lady X asked her. Is that proper to ask that kind of question!! I mean if you are an educated person you should not ask this kind of question!! Besides even if you are not educated but have common sense, this is not a proper question to ask for.

Sometimes people are just so induced with material things to the point of using credit to buy such thing!! I would say “the envy to his/her neighbor”, in which below words are really true. I admit, I would like to have things too, but I always make it sure that it is only according to my means and what is in my wallet, let me say!! unless if it is really emergency!!

It just simply says, “Just live according to your means”. Sometimes we aspire for things that we really wanted but we must not use the other way to acquire it. What I mean is, we only buy it if we really have the resources to buy it. Unless maybe if it is really very important and we need it basically, then we can find the means to acquire it!!

I am just thankful that I have all the basic things i need, food, shelter, clothing, etc..I think these are the most important thing. I live a simple life and I am happy about it. if God will give me more then I will be thankful for it and would be happy to share it to my family and friends or somebody!! Besides it is not always materials things that make us truly happy!! There is more than that!!

Please read below for more insights and reminders from Kyregma. It is good sometimes to meditate for ourselves isn’t it??

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God looks upon all as equal. For God there is no slave or freeman, no Gentile or Jew, rich or poor — all are one in Him. This was made possible through Jesus who, having destroyed the barrier of hostility, united the Jews and Gentiles. He has brought peace by the blood of the cross. We are to live as one people, a holy people set apart for God.

We easily become jealous of others when we see them advancing in ways beyond ourselves. We become greedy and want what they have, but know we cannot have it. Rather than giving thanks to God for others’ blessings, we hold grudges and breed resentment in our lives. All that we have is grace from God. St. Paul teaches us that those who are jealous, covetous, idolaters will never enter the Kingdom of God (Ephesians 5). Fr. Brian Steele from Kyregma


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