25 Reasons Not To Leave the Water On

This issue is not related to the drought in many parts of the
country. It comes from the mind and pencil of a child.

The day after his seventh birthday, my son Joseph left the
water on in his bathroom with a rag in the sink, and it
overflowed onto the floor and almost all over the bathroom.
This was the third time this happened; a prior time we had to
replace the ceiling sheetrock on the level below the bathroom.

This time my wife figured he needed to write an essay on why
he shouldn’t leave the water running to make sure he got the

This is what my newly turned 7 year old wrote on his own.
It tickled me so that I could add no additional punishment.

25 Reasons why I should not leave the water on:

1. We will not have any bath water.
2. The ceiling will be leaking.
3. The Internet will be broken.
4. No TV.
5. We won’t have any water to drink or wash our hands.
6. The lights will be out.
7. We will be wet.
8. We won’t have any medicine.
9. I will have to go to bed.
10. I can’t write anymore.
11. We will have a drought.
12. The house will be dirty.
13. The floor will be covered with water.
14. We will have no food.
15. We will have no water.
16. We might not be able to see.
17. We might not have any clothes.
18. The house can be under water.
19. I can get in trouble.
20. We can get our mom and dad mad.
21. Nobody will have water.
22. The paint can come off stuff.
23. Our shoes, books, CDs and all our stuff can have
water in them.
24. It can burn the house down when it touches heat.
25. We would spend all our money on water and not have
money for food.

~A MountainWings Original~


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