The Way to Jesus’ Heart

It is common to find large billboards along roads or in front of edifices declaring that such projects have been made through the initiative of this or that politician. Such practice is not limited to government projects though. When one enters a church he cannot miss well-polished brass tags on images of saints or on pews stating who donated them. Most of us admire those people who share their riches to the church, or, to others, for that matter. We sometimes think that those people have already ‘’bought’’ their way to the people’s heart or even to heaven. Our admiration thus leads to wishful longing. So we say, “If I become Mayor, I would also make…” or, “If I become rich, I will donate…” Today’s Gospel presents a different point of view as regards winning the heart not just of men but of God. Jesus has made the road to His heart available to everybody, even to the simplest people.
Jesus outlines them so clearly: Feed the hungry. Give water to the thirsty. Clothe the naked and welcome the stranger. Do those and you’ll merit a slot in the roster of the saints. Jesus made glory attainable for all. Heaven is not a place only for those who are able to do extraordinary things on earth, like contribute large sums of money to charitable institutions or churches. Not all of us can accomplish exceptional missionary undertakings like the disciples of old. But all of us can surely measure up to the norms that Jesus presents today. He has opened up the way to heaven by simply telling us to respond with acts of charity to anyone in need. And that is the only gauge. Our capacity to respond to human need will determine if we are worthy to be counted among the elect, those to whom Jesus will say, “Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world (Matthew 25:34).” Fr. Sandy Enhaynes

Reflection Question:
Do we know the road to the heart of Jesus?

Lord Jesus, You teach us the simple acts of charity that can make us saints some day. May You use us as Your instruments to help those in need.

St. Paschal, pray for us.


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