Another Viewpoint

I really enjoy receiving the MountainWings Moments.

Sometimes, all it takes is to look at things from another point
of view.

When my ex and I had separated for the last time, I just about
had a breakdown.

A friend of mine asked me, "Why did you keep taking him back and
letting your mom take care of your girl?"

I thought I was protecting her from the drinking and cussing and
things that went on in that environment.

She just said, "Did you ever think that if it is not good enough
for your daughter, then it is not good enough for you?"

I had never thought of it in that light.

Once I did, I had no problem giving him up and getting on with
my life.

Another moment was when I was sick and had to have a kidney
transplant. The kidney was damaged when they put it in me and
it almost didn't work. I kept a positive attitude and kept
thinking, "Surely God did not let me go through all of this just
to lose the kidney."

I went back on dialysis for a couple of months, but it kicked in
just when they had given up hope and was going to let me lose

Thank God, I had an optimistic doctor who wouldn't give up on me
and I had a positive attitude.

The doctors by the way, after it was all over with, said that
they would not have given two cents for the kidney they had
given me at the time.

Just goes to show what positive attitude and a different
viewpoint can do for a person.

A lot of people were asking "Why" did that happen to me?

I just said, "Cause I can handle it."

Thanks for your MountainWings that come to me daily.
Sometimes I see someone else's viewpoint and it makes all the

~A MountainWings Original by Pam Norman, Pioneer, TN~

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