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Saint SilVin of AuChy

Saint SilVin of auChy Silvin, also known as Silvinus, was born in Toulouse, France. He served as a courtier of Childeric II and Theodoric III. The man gave up his worldly possessions and became a penitential pilgrim to Jerusalem and a number of holy sites. He was ordained priest in Rome then consecrated regional bishop. […]

Saint Juliana Of nicOmedia

Saint Juliana Of nicOmedia Saint Juliana, patron of the sick, was the daughter of a pagan named Africanus. He promised Juliana to a young noble named Evilase. The girl did not want him for a spouse ; thus, she insisted that he first becomes chief magistrate of Nicomedia before they would marry. When he became […]

Saint OneSimuS

Saint OneSimuS From the first century A.D. came Onesimus, slave to the Colossian Christians Philemon and Apphia. Onesimus committed theft from Philemon and in order to escape punishment, fled to Rome where he sought the help of St. Paul. The apostle converted Onesimus and sent him back to his master with the canonical Epistle to […]

Matthew 25:31-46

G O S P E L This parable is clear in its denunciation of injustice and morality by condemning the neglect of living a truly moral life. It’s clear in Jesus’ mind that the Day of Judgment is a serious reality we must prepare. Just because we have accepted the Good News of salvation does […]

Leviticus 19:1-2, 11-18

All people are called to live just and holy lives. One aspect of justice in our globalized world that needs a lot of attention is the question of a just wage. It is the moral responsibility of the employer to pay a just wage to all employees. The minimum wage guaranteed by law must be […]

The Way to Jesus’ Heart

It is common to find large billboards along roads or in front of edifices declaring that such projects have been made through the initiative of this or that politician. Such practice is not limited to government projects though. When one enters a church he cannot miss well-polished brass tags on images of saints or on […]



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