6 Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Whether you’re building a house from scratch or just installing a second bedroom upstairs, it’s important to only choose the best in contractors. The right choice can save you hundreds of dollars and untold hours of setbacks! Here are just a few tips for getting your money’s worth in a contractor.

1. Ask for Referrals

Has your neighbor refurbished their living room? Has your aunt re-done the tiles in her bathroom? Who did they call? Ask around for referrals and recommendations. If a contractor has satisfied the people you know, they’ll probably satisfy you as well.

2. Check Their Credentials

Not every state requires their contractors to be licensed, so if you’re concerned about the legitimacy of the people you let into your home, you’ll definitely want to inquire about their licensure. You might also check for any lawsuits or scam alerts put out against the brand. (more…)


How to Edit Your Photo with the Movavi Photo Studio

Do you have one or more of your photos that you feel looks great – but you know could be improved if you were able to edit them ever so slightly? Many people shy away from editing photos because they feel it is too complicated – but that isn’t necessarily the case.


The one thing that you need if you want to edit your photos is the software to do so, and choosing the right one is essential. While there are some options out there, the fact is that if you’re looking for a simple photo editor that is easy to use and yet comes with the powerful features that you’d need to make your photo look amazing – the Movavi Photo Studio definitely is worth a look. (more…)


Starting a Good Month of September

Hey folks! How do you do?  How was your  past month of August? I hope the first two weeks of September is treating you well.  I cannot complain for now. Things are going smoothly for me so far and I am thankful about it. The very first week of  September went great.

It seems like yesterday when I celebrated my birthday. It was in the month of August. Now, we are in the first month of the so-called BER month.  During this month, I always remember  my home country when  people already starts to decorate  their homes with Christmas decors and accessories.   You can even hear Christmas songs everywhere. I can’t even imagine if I can do it here in my second home in Europe.  I mean doing Christmas decors.  (more…)


Order, Order – How I’m Organizing My Jewelry Storage

I’ve recently finished redecorating my house and I have to say I’m rather proud of my achievements. From the colors I had hand matched to suit my space, to the refurbished handles I used to revamp my old chest of drawers, it finally feels like a place that I can call my own. Of course, the worst part of this is that now everything is so perfectly finished, the need to keep it clean, tidy and clutter free at all times has become an obsession and I’ve become infatuated with finding nifty ways to keep all my bits and pieces out of sight.


Growing for gold

One of the main problems I have with keeping my bed side unit clutter free is that by the end of the day, once I’ve done the dishes and caught up on some television, it’s too easy to take off my jewelry and leave it on the bathroom shelf as I jump in the shower.  (more…)


I Love Spending Time in the Garden

How are you doing folks?  I hope everything is okey out there and your daily lives are  doing  wonderful. I am doing fine so far except that I am just too busy.  Thanks God, I can still breath and see the awesomeness of this  beautiful planet.

Dahlia flower in my garden.

It is my off day today but it seems that it is not enough to finish many tasks especially  the offline ones. When I mean offline jobs, it means doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, cleaning the dishes, dusting, running errands to the bank and other appointments.  What else folks? I also love spending time in the garden. (more…)


Shopping for Work Clothes

It has been a year since I started working. In fact, this week marked my one year anniversary of going back to workland.  After almost 8 years of partially living like a nomadic life, I am back to reality now.  Yes, I am a digital nomad and I cannot deny that. How I really miss my travels during those years.  I wish, I can bring it back again. (more…)


New Neighbors are Moving-In

Finally the house that was empty next door was finally sold. I believed the new owner had a great deal when buying it. The previous owner already moved to the United States of America and since the house was still in mortgage at the bank, she wanted to sell the house to fully pay the loan.

After some months of posting “house for sale” in front of it,  it finally found its buyer. A Hungarian couple bought it some months ago. There were some things that need to be repaired in the house. After it was done with the major renovations and repairs,  the couple finally decided to move-in. (more…)


Window Shopping for the Next Vacation

It seems like yesterday when I  had my 2 weeks holiday.  Those were wonderful days in Turkey and Greece. It was quite a cheap holiday package with almost everything included on it. That one week trip to Turkey visiting different places  was truly awesome.  A one week cruise in Greece visiting its beautiful islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Symi, Agios Nikolaus, Chios and Rhodes was also a wonderful experience.


Since I still  have around 2 weeks vacation left for 2015, I am already window shopping for the next holiday.  I already found  a package holiday in Southeast Asia but sad to say, the dates were already taken. This means that some colleagues at work had  already planned their leaves during those dates. (more…)


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mamas out there especially to my dear beloved Mother! You are the most strict mother but you are always the best and I learn so many things from you! Thanks for all your hard work, love and perseverance. More blessings, love and good health to you my dear Mama! God bless!

“Life has never been perfect. It probably never will. (more…)


Online Shopping at the Comfort of Your Home

Shopping has been easy and convenient nowadays. With the internet connection and the click of your mouse, you can already go shopping at the comfort of your home. Even with a touch to your smartphones, shopping online is just so easy and comfortable now. Thanks to the many online shopping portals like iprice, our shopping experiences gets better everyday.

iprice categories

One Stop Shopping Destination

We always wanted  to get all things easier  for our lives  and so is with shopping.  If we can buy  items in one place,  it is more convenient for us and will surely save us time. It is the same in going to a store where you can buy   all the things you want   especially if your time is limited. You would not  want to drive from store to store searching for each item you need.  At iprice, you can find many categories and simply browse for   specific  products  you want. (more…)



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