Creative Ways to Display Collectibles in a Simplistic Decor

lv-mdn-09-16-fairies-8If you have chosen a modern, contemporary or transitional decor for your house or apartment, you can still enjoy the hobby of collecting figurines that nourish your inner child or stir pleasant memories. When space is limited, you may have to display a portion of your collection while storing the remainder. Clutter is detrimental to any decor. The overall goal is to make your collectibles an artistic element in your overall design.

Vertical space

In a small home, it’s essential that you utilize vertical space. Narrow, simplistically designed shelving works well as a place for displaying collectibles. Corner shelving is a great way to take advantage of what would ordinarily be wasted space. Modern style corner shelving takes a minimal amount of space. This simplistic style of furniture is complementary to showcasing the contents on the shelf.

Unexpected display spaces

If your decor is not conducive to a collection of figurines being placed on a table or shelves, you can get more creative with your display choices. Collectibles such as the whimsical, magical and seasonal Jim Shore figurines can be displayed in unique spaces. Seasonal figurines can be placed in a glass-front kitchen cabinet as part of your holiday or seasonal decor. lv-mdn-09-16-figurine-2 They’ll be a noticeable attraction mixed in with the dishes in the cabinet. Place some whimsical figurines on a shelf in the bathroom to enliven the atmosphere. A well-organized display of figurines on a small table can be the focal point of a room design, a unique foyer display or a creative way to make a hallway less mundane.

Alternate your decor

If you have more collectibles than you have space, invest in some storage boxes and pack up a portion of your collectibles. Change your display seasonally or on a rotating basis that you prefer. This keeps your decor interesting and allows you to enjoy all of your collection over a period of time.

Collectibles such as Disney figurines, holiday and seasonal themed items and objects that stir happy memories are emotionally uplifting. The decorative aspect of your home should be composed of items that reflect your personality and things that make you happy. Placing figurines that make you smile each time you look at them throughout your home is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself.


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