How to Edit Your Photo with the Movavi Photo Studio

Do you have one or more of your photos that you feel looks great – but you know could be improved if you were able to edit them ever so slightly? Many people shy away from editing photos because they feel it is too complicated – but that isn’t necessarily the case.


The one thing that you need if you want to edit your photos is the software to do so, and choosing the right one is essential. While there are some options out there, the fact is that if you’re looking for a simple photo editor that is easy to use and yet comes with the powerful features that you’d need to make your photo look amazing – the Movavi Photo Studio definitely is worth a look.

When you’re using the software, you’ll be able to:

  • Transform the orientation of your photos as well as their framing by resizing, flipping, rotating, cropping and leveling them.
  • Replace or remove unwanted objects and elements from your photos that are getting in the way.
  • Switch the background completely the way ‘green screen’ technology works in movies.
  • Adjust the quality of the image by tweaking its contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure, temperature or even using the ‘magic enhance’ option to automatically do so.
  • Apply great filters that dramatically change the style of the photo into black and white, sepia, lomo, oil painting, pixelate, acid, and much more.
  • Insert text with customizable font, size, color and other parameters that can act as captions, watermarks, and more.

As you can see, the sheer array of options that you can choose from to edit your photo is certainly considerable. However it is up to you to look carefully and decide which of these options would suit it best. Assuming you aren’t sure where to start, you might even want to experiment a little and try a few of the features out to see how they alter the appearance of your photo.

It is worth noting that even professionals tweak their photos gradually to achieve that perfect vision that they have for it. If you’re prepared to do the same and adjust the small details until they look ‘just right’, you’ll certainly be able to get there as well. After all, the features in the Movavi Photo Studio are intuitive enough that you should be able to put them to good use.


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