I Love Spending Time in the Garden

How are you doing folks?  I hope everything is okey out there and your daily lives are  doing  wonderful. I am doing fine so far except that I am just too busy.  Thanks God, I can still breath and see the awesomeness of this  beautiful planet.

Dahlia flower in my garden.

It is my off day today but it seems that it is not enough to finish many tasks especially  the offline ones. When I mean offline jobs, it means doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, cleaning the dishes, dusting, running errands to the bank and other appointments.  What else folks? I also love spending time in the garden.

Beautiful Poppy flowers are also my favorite in the backyard.

We have a backyard and it requires  some work sometimes. It really does not bother  me working the whole day in the garden like planting plants, cutting dried branches and flowers, cultivating the soil, removing weeds, watering the plants and most of all it always makes me happy watching  the flowers that are blooming in the garden. What a joy it gives me when I see and witness the beauty of God’s creation right  in the backyard.

My messy garden. I hope I have more time gardening. I love it and it is so far one of my passions.

Since I started working over a year ago, I don’t have much time working in the garden anymore. The past years, I even cultivated vegetables like tomatoes, onion leaves, cucumber, squash, pepper and more. I also have some herbal plants like  oregano,  parsley, lavender, sage, lemon balm and more.

Gardening don’t only  provide beauty to our surroundings but for me, it is also a stress reliever. It is like a medicine to my soul especially when I see flowers that are blooming. It simply give joy and happiness! More on that, I also appreciate and beauty of wild flowers in the wilderness. It is indeed a miracle  when  flowering plants bear flowers or when you plant a seed and you witness it grow.

Thanks to my Great Father and  to my biological father to whom I inherited his gift of having  this so-called “green thumbs”. Whatever seeds, plants or flowers I grow, most of it are growing in the garden.

Do you love gardening? Feel free to leave your footprints here.  Until then and have a lovely day to all!


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