Perfectly Fitting BrickAnew Fireplace Doors

Fireplaces are not only aesthetic but functional parts of the home. They ensure that the house is kept warm and give it an exotic touch. Unlike the past, when fireplaces used to open directly into the house, nowadays they have doors that one can open or close. Therefore, it is important for a person to decide what type of door he or she wants on his or her fireplace. There are a number of fireplace doors that a person can choose from. So, it is important for one to take his or her time to select the best.



When selecting a fireplace door, it is important for a person consider the type of fireplace he or she has.    There are two main types of fireplaces. They include prefab and masonry fireplaces. The difference between the two types mostly comes from the way they are constructed. Therefore, the fireplace doors have to be designed with regards to the type of fireplace in question.

Glass Doors

Fireplace glass doors are popular among many people. This is because they let one view the flickering colorful flames of the fire and act as a safety measure. They prevent embers and sparks from shooting out of the fire. This way, the floor of the house does not get stained with burn marks and the flames do not accidentally set the house on fire. So, one can leave the room without fear or have peace of mind while sleeping by the fireplace.

Purchasing Fireplace Glass Doors

Before purchasing fireplace glass doors, it is important for one to measure the size of the doors correctly. This ensures that he or she gets the right fit and saves time and money that would be spent on resizing or reordering another door. The method of determining the size of fireplace doors differs depending on the type of fireplace. Therefore, it is important for one to ensure that he or she knows how to measure the size of fireplace doors for both types of fireplaces.

Prefab Fireplace

To determine the size of door that a prefab fireplace needs, one should start by looking for the manufacturer name and the model number. Normally, this information is attached high inside the chimney or behind the mesh screen. One should then contact the manufacturer and inquire whether they have glass doors available and then measure the height and width of the fireplace opening and order a glass door of that size.

Masonry Fireplace

If it is a masonry fireplace, one should first decide whether he or she wants an overlap or inside fit. Overlap BrickAnew fireplace doors extend beyond the opening of the fireplace, while the inside fit is ideal for the fireplaces with protruding bricks on its opening. The inside fitting doors must be custom made. Therefore, one has to measure the height and width of the top and bottom of the opening and that of the hearth to the top of the opening. This ensures that one gets the exact fit they need.

This article was written by Jose Bennett.


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