How You Can Benefit From Using Smell Proof Bags

We’ve all been there. Extremely worried that someone or something was going to sniff out your weed stash. Your parents are sniffing around your room in high school, a drug dog is sniffing around your car at a traffic stop, and your RA is looking through your room for random inspection. It happens to us all, and those moments of panic until you get caught, or lucky, are probably some of the worst times of any stoners life. Lucky for us, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

We live in a time of constant innovation and invention. Thankfully, that time has come around to help out the stoner in need.  The newest invention to grace the shelves of your smoke shop is the one and only smell-proof bag. The bag should be located somewhere in between the fake Lysol cans with a hole in the bottom for storage, and the bongs, but there will be a lot of them.

If you are one of the unlucky few who don’t live close enough to a smoke shop to manage a trip down. You can check out, my personal favorite online smoking accessory website, and my most trusted bag brand even while at the smoke shop. In addition to keeping yourself out of trouble, these bags will help keep your pot as fresh as the day you bought it. A must have for any serious smoker out there.

It’s less than ideal, but it’s necessary that we all eventually need to transport some of that Kush to one of our friend’s house, or from our dealer’s house. Why take all the added risk of having in a regular Ziploc bag where anyone and everyone can smell that you’re carrying. That’s the huge benefit of the odorless bag. Complete anonymity and detection-proof carrying ability, hell, even if you just need to take your piece somewhere else, a smell proof bag is the best way to do it. I still wouldn’t recommend bringing it through an airport, with all the new security measures in place, who knows if you’ll get through or not, but other than that, these things will help you out in any of your transportation needs.

There are plenty of different brands of bags, all with really cool patterns and designs to hide or substance of choice, or you can stick with the transparent bag, and let the contents really speak for themselves. It’s a pretty great invention, and one that I definitely wish I thought of a few years back when there was still this hole in the market. Maybe then, instead of sitting here writing blogs, I could be a rich business owner somewhere thinking of new products to manufacture and trying to make the world a better place, one invention at a time. Sorry, I got a little off point from the subject of being able to effectively hide our pot.

Sadly not all of us can live in Colorado or Washington where it is legal, so for us we must continue to hide our vice in whatever newfangled way comes next. Excitingly, this new product makes it easy for the rest of us who need to do so. Anyways, the way the laws are going, there may be a time when we don’t need to worry about something as silly as hiding our non-habit forming substance from people, but until that day comes, at least we have odorless bags.

Written by Brendan Ruoff


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