How to Create a Luxury Bathroom Design Without Breaking the Bank

It can be tough when there is not a lot of money to go around. It seems the poorer you are, the greater the burden you have to bear to clear the national debt that was caused by people who, somehow, have been let off scot free. My point is, when you are at the bottom of the pile it can be hard not being able to afford the thousands of pounds that other people pay for home renovations.

The huge cost of a new kitchen or bathroom is beyond many people’s reach as there are more pressing things to spend money on.   If however, you have been lucky enough to bag a thousand pounds or so, it is possible to create an awesome bathroom  that will stand up against the best. I know, a thousand pounds is a lot of money, but your project may cost a lot less.

Let’s take a look at how to do it.

The Suite

There are suites in all good stores that come complete with cheap bathroom vanity units. A vanity unit is essential to give the high quality look you are trying to achieve. A typical suite will cost less than two hundred pounds. It is important to use a white one.

The cheapest way to install a new suite is to leave everything in the same position as the old suite. The plumbing will be straightforward to connect and can be done by yourself.


The only problem with cheap suites is the cheap taps that come with them. Spending sixty pounds or so on decent quality taps is a good idea if you can scrape the money together.


In all posh bathrooms, you will never see a pipe on show. Everything is boxed and hidden away, and the image above is a perfect example of this. The pipework to the basin is already solved by the use of a vanity unit. Instead of using the bath panel that came with the suite, build a wooden framework and fix 3mm plywood to it. The job doesn’t have to be perfectly neat as long as it is a good shape for tiling over. Boxing is a great way to hide any unsightly elements in the room that don’t need to be accessed.


Travel around tile shops far and wide to find either cheap or end of line ranges. It is surprising what you can pick up for a bargain price There is no reason why you won’t be able to tile the whole room for a couple of hundred pounds. All of that ugly boxing that you built will now look immaculate when tiled over. Remember to use plastic trimming strips on corners. The little touches all add to the overall impression of the room.


Low voltage recessed downlights are used in most modern bathrooms. A cheap set of three or four lights and a transformer will cost around thirty pounds or less. They can be installed yourself except for the final connection that should be made by an electrician. Halogen bulbs will make the chrome and new tiles glisten.

Having a cheap bathroom doesn’t mean it won’t last very long. Indeed, if you clean regularly and never leave any pools of water lying on surfaces, it will serve you well for many years. Eventually it may need doing again, but two or three bathrooms done this way will probably cost less than a professional designer installation. That’s got to be a good deal. Look after the pennies…….

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