Home Improvements and Renovations last 2013

We are stepping  now the third month of the year.  March is finally here and I hope everyone  is having a wonderful start. So far, I am doing good and  can’t complain at the moment. There are a lot  of projects we are planning for this year especially about home improvements and renovations.  We are deciding now which project should be done first. Of course, financial matters should be  also considered in the first place.

We are glad to live in our own  home. It  might not  be too big or a luxury one but at  least, we can call it our  home. The best thing is  we don’t pay anymore for a home mortgage.  It is indeed a great investment we have.

We are  happy and contented about  2013 because we were able to do some home improvements and renovations including the following;

New Kitchen

We have been planning to replace our kitchen since  2004.  We just waited for the right  time to do it until finances are available.   Finally, last January 2013, we went to the nearest furniture store to look for their kitchen  that were on sale that time. We had  a great  savings because we bought it for only around $2,500 instead of the  original price for $6,000.  We save more because we did  all the jobs by ourselves. Thanks to the handyman  in the house who can do everything from plumbing to home repairs, car repairs and other jobs at home. With our DIY or  “Do It Yourself” effort, we truly saved a lot of money for our new kitchen.  We were so thankful  that  the dust and dirt are over now.

Our multi-purpose patio/garage.

Sidings for our  Multi-Purpose  Patio/Garage

This is one of the greatest projects we did last 2011.  It  really cost a lot of money and effort but with all the hard work of the expert handyman  at home, everything was already done now. Our patio/garage is around 60 square meters. We used it for party venues, as a patio, working area and as garage for our 2 cars.  The last project we did was the sidings. Finally, last year, all of the temporary sidings were put-down and we already installed a new one there. It is nice to sit down and simply  relax in our  multi-purpose patio/garage especially during summer season.

New  Bathroom

This project was started last 2012. It took quite a long time to finish it but we are happy now, that is it finally done.  The dismantling process of the old  bathroom took a lot of time. I can still remember the dirt and dust in our home when it was  totally dismantled. Last year, everything was finally done. After finding all the bathroom accessories from bathtub to towel holders,  faucet, toilet paper holder,  bath fixtures, sinks, etcetera, now it is finally  over and in full functionality.

The greatest thing is,  we saved a lot of money  with all of these projects  because we did  it all by ourselves. DIY or “Do It Yourself” really helped a lot in saving you money when doing some home improvements and renovations.


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