Did You Know About These Handy Tricks to Save Home Energy?

Our consumption of energy has soared over the last two decades. Homes are warmer thanks to the modern, efficient heating systems available to us. We shouldn’t become complacent, however; nothing comes without cost. The demand for cheap energy around the world has already equalled the supply available. People don’t realise just how shaky the ground on which they stand is, with regard to future energy reserves.


I read recently that, at one point this winter, English reserves of gas ran down to just a few hours. This is a scary situation to be in as not only will our heating systems fail, but gas fired electricity power stations would be at risk too.   Make no mistake, once demand outstrips supply, energy will be reserved for the privileged few and the rest of us will be thrown back into the dark ages.

Alternative, renewable energy solutions are being developed all the time, though they seem to be uncoordinated efforts. This country needs a comprehensive program of development and application led by government and not private industry.

Enough doom and gloom, however, we are here today to take a look at what individual families can do, in our own homes, to save power and cut our bills.


Are you aware that a lot of heat is escaping from your timber framed, single glazed windows as we speak? Replacing them with new double, or triple glazed units is an expensive project that a lot of people just can’t afford. Secondary glazing is a product that isn’t spoken about so much these days. As a cheaper form of double glazing, it can be installed for half the cost of new frames and is good for keeping heat in and drafts out.


Lowering the temperature setting on your thermostat by just one degree can save up to seventy pounds per year on heating bills. Surely that fact will encourage you to put on a sweater and save cash. Seriously though, one degree is barely noticeable.


Swap all of the incandescent bulbs in your home for modern, low energy alternatives. You may have heard that the new bulbs take an age to reach their full luminosity, but this has all changed with the development of LED light bulbs. They use little energy, give instant light, and last a very long time. The initial cost may be a little higher than other types, but they easily pay for themselves with the energy savings.


Changing old appliances for super-efficient ones will cut your bills. Appliances these days have to be designed with consumption in mind and are rated accordingly.

Keep Busy

If you have done all you can in the home and you are still feeling chilly, don’t sit in a chair watching television. Get up and do some exercise or jobs around the house. Not only will you be keeping warm but it may help you shed a few pounds too.

Live in One Room

Many people who live alone choose to live in one room for the winter when temperatures are at their lowest. It makes perfect sense to keep just one room warn instead of heating the whole house. Even families are resorting to this method of keeping warm and saving money because of the pressure forced on them by rising energy costs and traitorous cuts forced on them by the ruling elite.

I doubt whether our singular efforts to save the world will make any difference, but they could reduce our bills. Come to think about it though, have you heard the saying about looking after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves? Maybe if we all do our little bit, it will add up.


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