Appliance Companies Are Heavily Investing in the Sustainability of the Machines They Produce

Sustainability is a major talking point. We’re seeing discussions about it everywhere these days. It’s something that even applies to the appliances you use every day. Some companies like Electrolux are heavily invested in the sustainability of the machines they produce. The following are the top three ways we’re seeing sustainability encouraged in appliance manufacture.

The first thing that can be done to improve the sustainability of appliances is looking into their efficiency. Refrigerators are designed to shut off when they reach a certain temperature. There’s no need to cool the fridge further if it has reached the optimal cooling state; anything further can cause freezing of the food stored in it.  However, it isn’t always as simple as reducing the temperature to a given target. Details like the contents of the fridge or the temperature outside it can make the actual degree of cooling required a moving target. More advanced electronics are allowing refrigerators to become more environmentally-friendly.

Use of coolant is the next aspect. Coolant is a necessary component of a refrigerator. There is no way to actively make something colder. Reducing temperature means moving heat from one place to another. This necessitates some kind of coolant to take heat away from the items to be kept cool. Many coolants contain chemicals that are damaging to the environment when released. Many new appliances are made with this in mind and work around making sure the appliance won’t release toxic chemicals when it is ultimately destroyed or recycled. We are also seeing an increase in available measures to update or restore a single appliance. These are all excellent changes from a sustainability perspective.

The last detail we’re seeing is a major increase in awareness about how to use refrigerators efficiently. Refrigerators are great for getting food cool and keeping it that way. They aren’t so great for getting people cooled down on a hot day. Nevertheless, many people try to use them this way in the summer. Admonitions against inefficient use and proper programming go a long way to making refrigerators more sustainable by way of more appropriate usage.

Many of the appliances known for their inefficiency are getting updates to make them better for the world around us. Refrigerators were once top offenders. Manufacturers like Electrolux are making great strides toward repairing that and making refrigerators work better in the process. You can learn more about refrigerators and sustainability here.


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