Wise Walking

It’s astounding how little accidents can sometimes have life-changing consequences. One misstep, a turn taken a bit too soon and too sharp, a short fall with long-term ramifications—life is filled with overcommitments and brutally hectic scheduling that can cause great distraction, injury or worse. Doing several things at once has become so commonplace that few people ever offer true focus to any one task. Whether eating and driving, texting and driving, looking back whilst walking, carrying too much on the run, there are so many ways in which divided attention could prove injurious or fatal. No one wants to think about the fragility of life but it can be very important to just take some time to slow down. Once done, it should be quite clear the ways in which accidents can happen, and can be avoided.  

Watch Your Step

Ankles and feet have to put in a lot of work to support one’s body weight on a daily basis. They’re also comprised of many little bones and a complex setup of tendons. It does not take much at all to break an ankle or crush a foot. In fact it’s often done by being distracted or generally careless. Whether at home, out and about shopping or communing with nature, there are more than a few ways to cause great injury to feet and ankles. In addition to wearing proper footwear for each occasion, there are other simple ways to help ensure the good health of feet and ankles.

Safety tips:

Take care when walking up and down stairs, particularly when it’s been raining.

Watch foot placement—stepping into one small hole could lead to months of physical rehabilitation.

If Web browsing or texting on a mobile, stop walking for a moment to help avoid a careless accident.

Take great care stepping out of automobiles.

Hikers beware slippery leaves and loose rocks; consider using walking sticks to help with balance.

Step carefully off of sidewalks and curbs to avoid tendon damage.

Home should be a place of refuge but it is also filled with many potential threats:

Look for problem spots like stretched power cords and place them behind furniture and under rugs.

Place a non-slip mat in shower and a rug on the bathroom floor.

Make sure all throw rugs have a non-slip liner.

Be careful opening the kitchen freezer because a frozen turkey can surely break a foot.

Clean any water or ice spills immediately.

Keep floors uncluttered and have designated spots for child and dog toys.

Workplace Safety

Most businesses have specific safety guidelines that should vary according to job type and work conditions. Still, some safety precautions should be common sense.

Wear close-toed and close-heeled shoes.

Skip stiletto pumps and go for business footwear with decent tread.

When carrying or working around heavy machinery wear steel-toed work boots.

If heels must be worn consider keeping a second pair of flats on hand for walks to lunch.

If laces tend to untie double-knot them or exchange for gripping kind.

Learn emergency exits in advance of any trouble.

Each business should also have guidelines to follow if injured. Learn the procedures in advance so all requirements are met to the letter. Following all proper guidelines could spell the difference between financial assistance from the company or not. Note too that some companies will automatically require a drug test for anyone who is injured on the job.

In many instances injured people were just walking along and then bam! They try to replay the moment in their mind that could have prevented the accident. More often than not the injured person had been distracted or careless, or hurt by someone else who was distracted and careless. Not every accident can be avoided but by making the effort to slow down and really take a look around, a good number of them can be prevented.


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