Which Round the World Trip is Best for You?

A round the world trip is a total dream for most people. Many people, myself included, would love to pull on a rucksack, buy that round the world ticket and head off into the sunset. After all, a round the world trip is the ultimate trip, experiencing different ways of life, culture, and enjoying many different experiences along the way. You could literally be exploring a beach in Thailand one day, and hiking up a mountain in Australia the next. However, there’s one question that many people want to know the answer too; which trip is best? There are many routes to take, and you can skip or include as much as you like depending on the time and budget you have. We’re going to give you some inspiration in this post, so you can make your round the world plans effectively and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!

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 The Best Route for a Tight Budget

It isn’t necessarily true that you need to have an unlimited amount of money to travel around the world. You can get great round the world trips including Dubai, Auckland, LA, New York and back again for as little as £900. This route even gives you the opportunity to go on a road trip, like you hear all of those crazy Americans do.  

The Best Route if You Want to See Everything

If you’re eager to see almost everything that the world has to offer, why not travelling across 4 amazing continents? Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Brisbane, Sydney, Christchurch, Auckland, New York, Lima, and Rio de Janeiro. That should give you a pretty good idea about the world and it’s various cultures!

The Best Route for a Month

If you’ve only got one month to spare, don’t worry. We’ve devised the best possible route for you to enjoy in a month. Why not visit Sri Lanka, Singapore, Delhi, and Thailand? You’ll be able to explore, relax, and party all packed into one fun filled month!

Best Route for a Year

If you’ve got a year to spare – lucky you! You can take the time to visit all of the best round the world stops, including; Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and the USA. Four months in Thailand will make your money last a lot longer, but make sure you spend an adequate amount of time in each place. No need to worry about long term car parking at Melbourne airport though, many round the world trips will help you with every little detail!

Best Route for Something Unique

Ok, you want something different? Go to Africa and some of the less frequently visited Asian spots, like Nairobi, Hanoi, and Beijing.

How to Get the Most from Your Ticket

These are just suggestions – you can literally take any route around the world you like! They can last as long as you want too. Just remember that it’s likely you’ll change a few things around once you’ve actually hit the road, so it’s worth buying a flexible ticket for a little more cash so you can swap and change as you please. Have fun!


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