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MDN.linkV.02.18.14 Spontaneity keeps a person young, and when it comes to your living spaces or even your work space, upgrading the decor is a great way to breathe new life into an old environment. Most of the decor used in a home or work area is relatively affordable to replace, and more expensive items — such as lighting fixtures or elaborate wall treatments — can be spaced out in order to not take too big of a chunk out of your budget. Small spaces in particular might benefit from changing the decor, since looking at the same windows and walls can be quite boring after a while. Even a few little changes can make a big difference. And if you want to create a stunning look that is both elegant and unique, consider beads.

Beaded decor has always been popular, but these days you’ll find that there’s more to beaded decor than tie-dye and flip-flops. Today’s beads can be found in very upscale and sophisticated boutiques and homes, and in your home even the addition of a simple beaded curtain can really improve that particular room’s ambiance. When shopping for beaded items, consider first and foremost your budget. Once you’ve determined how much you have to spend on home decor, you’ll want to think about the colors you have to work with. Take a cue from your existing painted walls or wallpaper, and use those colors to help you select new ones. If you happen to have white or gray colors as your primary space palette, you’re in look, as just about anything (even bold and glittery hues) will go with those.

So what type of beaded decor should you go for? Well, click here  for a few ideas that include curtains and other window treatments; lamp shades, throw pillows and throw blankets, and even candles and other types of table centerpieces. Feel free to go bold with your choice of beaded home decor items, or just add little touches of beads here and there. You can always pair beaded and non-beaded items together to create a striking look – a silver candle with silver beads paired with one or two slimmer, non-beaded candles. When lit, the candle’s beads will reflect the light and create a particularly stunning look for your coffee table. This is just one example of how you can decorate and accessorize with beads.


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