Basic Washing Machine Care

The owner of a washing machine can do a lot things to keep his or her device in good working order. One of things an owner can do is to clean around the lid of the machine. Whether it’s a side-loading machine or a front-loading model, it is important to clean away the spilled soap, fabric softener and dirt that accumulates on the edges of a washer lid. If these materials are left to accumulate, it could make it hard to close and open the lid. Here are some other simple things that an owner can do to maintain the condition of a washing machine.

The exterior of a washing machine also needs an owner’s attention. In many cases, laundry soap will spill down the side of the device or on the lid. Also, when dust accumulates around the dials of a washing machine it can affect its efficiency. Using a combination of white vinegar and warm water, an owner can clean away these materials with a soft cloth. This helps a washing machine look its best while it is utilized by its owner.

Another important thing that an owner can do is to replace the hoses of a washing machine so they don’t wear out. The cold and hot water hoses that are attached to the washer endure a lot of wear and tear as they fill and empty the washer. Over time, these hoses and their attachments can corrode and begin to leak. Generally, it’s recommended that an owner change these hoses every five years. Unfortunately, if these hoses or their attachments begin to leak, it can create water damage on the floor or even on the ceiling of the first floor if the washer is located on the second floor of a home. An owner who thinks that the hoses on his or her washing machine need to be changed may want to shop now for the most suitable replacements.

Finally, making sure that a washing machine is balanced is another critical thing an owner can do to keep it in good condition. If a washing machine is not balanced, it will shake and move around when it is in operation. This movement can cause damage to the device. Hoses can become loose and various parts can sustain damage. Balancing a washing machine on a floor allows it to run relatively quietly and with very little movement.


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