Tips on Choosing The Right Tapware Materials for your Bathroom and Kitchen

LV.tile.C701_06_BathroomTaps are a necessity in any kitchen or bath, but aside from aesthetics and utility, how much consideration is given to this indispensable dispenser of water? This is a brief guide to selecting tapware and mixers that look great, enhance your decor and provide long-lasting function.

While it may be tempting to save money by purchasing the cheapest tap that does the job, consider how many times a faucet is used during the course of the day. Saving money up front may cost more in the long run on repair and replacement of a moveable part that’s in constant use. Before choosing a tap, here are some things to keep in mind:

Is a warranty provided, for how long is the coverage period and what does the warranty cover?
Does the style of the tap match the rest of the room and its accessories?
What types of taps and mixers is that style available in, and are they compatible with the existing basin?

Is the spout height and design compatible with its use, such as the ability for children to reach without a problem, or the amount of space from tap to basin for filling large containers?
Is the finish durable and easy to care for?

Tapware in Australia typically comes in one or three hole varieties, and some basin and vanity styles won’t accommodate both varieties. The single tap style is usually a lever-type apparatus that’s adjustable for hot to cold by rotating the level closer to one side or the other. The three-hole taps have a separate handle for hot and cold. Both have a mixer installed under sink that combines the water to the desired temperature.

Tapware materials range from stainless steel to 24-carat gold plating, depending on your taste and budget. They can be coordinated with the shower heads and other fixtures for a unified look that ranges from retro to contemporary.

Whatever design you choose, know your budget and the look you want to achieve beforehand, in order to save time and money in the event that the model you select is out of stock. The right tap will provide the perfect finishing touch on your bathroom remodel. ABL Tile Centre is an example of an establishment where home owners, business owners and contractors can find home renovation and improvement items in Australia.


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