Tips for an Odor-free Home

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If you have ever cooked bacon or fish in your house, you well know how long odors can linger and cause acrid, stale smells even if you have used the fan vent over the stove. It is especially apparent when you leave home and come back- those obnoxious odors are like smacking into a foggy wall.

Ah! Fresh and Clean Smelling

With everyday kitchen odors causing your nose to wrinkle, think how years of smoke or other intolerable smells can affect the interior air of a house or business. Breathing unwelcome odors can cause you the headache of people believing your home or business isn’t clean! Machines that clean your air can get your interior space back to “April fresh” in as little as an hour! The machines work as generators to produce ozone- nature’s clean air patrol- that quickly and efficiently attack the odors at their source. Ozone is simply oxygen (O2) with an added atom- O3. As the ozone attacks odors it loses its extra atom in the natural process. One way nature manufactures ozone is with lightening. Electricity replicates lightening when you plug in the machine and turn it on. You then leave the space to be deodorized for a length of time determined by the size of the space and the difficulty of the odors. You will return to a fresh, clean, odor free space. The machines are that easy to use and find at such sites as


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