The Uses and Advantages of Stainless Steel Casters

SSRIGIDEVERLAST_o Investing in stainless steel casters can prove to be quite useful if they will be in the rain a lot. These types of wheels can withstand rusting when they get wet. Having a rusted wheel will eventually make it deteriorate and break off. This is not a good idea when the wheels need to support over 100 pounds at a time. 

These wheels do well on large tables or coolers. If the table or cooler needs to be outdoors when the weather calls for precipitation, there is no need to panic about it getting wet. The stainless steel will essentially wick off the rain so it does not stick. On traditional metals, the water will stick to the metal and eventually eat it off. It is kind of like burning plastic. The damage might not be noticeable at first, but once time passes and it spreads, the damage will destroy the entire object.

There are many different sizes of these casters to choose from. A small 3″ wheel can support over 300 pounds at a time. Getting four of these to put under a 300 pound cooler chest is a good idea. The cooler can be moved around from space to space in the garage any time. This also keeps the bottom from rusting when it sits too long at one time. Bugs can also eat away at the bottom if it is sitting at one place for too long. By putting wheels on the chest, it also creates space to add bug traps. A mouse trap can be added underneath the cooler to catch a mouse. This keeps the trap away from small children and it also keeps the trap out of the area. It will essentially be hidden underneath.

Some wheels can swivel and so cannot. A swiveling wheel is much easier to turn in a rapid fashion. Traditional wheels that are put on a heavy object cannot turn quite as easily. If the wheels are being placed on a heavy object, it might be better to get a swiveling wheel. This way, the item can be turned in the right direction with less effort. There are also wheels that are made a little bit sturdier than others. These wheels are good to have if they will be used for rough terrains. If the cooler needs to be moved on rough gravel, the wheel will last much longer if it is made with tougher material. Choose the right wheel type for the each environment.


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