The Definitive Interior Design Guide for Your Home

You don’t need a qualification in interior design to have an eye for what works in your home; although it helps! We know you want your house to look the best it can be, but sometimes you just don’t have the time, money or expertise to pull it off. This definitive interior design guide goes through some of the best tips and trends, from the experts.

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Let’s start off with the room that often gets neglected, even though we spend a lot of time in there! The bedroom shouldn’t just be seen as somewhere to lay your head, it should be somewhere that you enjoy being.   Bright and airy bedrooms work best for relaxing, so make sure there’s plenty of natural light coming in, as well as neutral colours on the walls and floors. The bed is the centrepiece in any room, so ensure it is always looking it’s best. Invest in some beautiful matching curtains and bedsheets to finish the look off nicely.


The kitchen is one of those rooms that we want to be able to show off to guests, whilst also being functional. If you want to recreate a certain style or trend for your kitchen then first make sure you have enough space. Some of these ideas we see in magazines will only work in giant, chef sized kitchens and perhaps not the one we have at home. You have to remember to pair functionality with design in the kitchen so as to make it easy to use as well as pretty. Use multi purpose accessories, to create a unique look that gets people talking.

Living Room

We spend a lot of time in our living room; with friends, family and other guests. It tends to be the first place we end up after a long day at work and the last place we want to leave on the weekend. Your living room should be comfortable as well as design conscious. Use key items such as Chesterfield Sofas to get a good balance of on-trend and comfy. As with the bedroom, your living room should be bright and airy, with plenty of natural light and a neutral colour scheme. If you’re struggling with natural light then invest in some dimmable lights, to set certain moods throughout the day.


Your bathroom isn’t somewhere that should be forgotten, even if we are in and out of there. It’s important that you create a relaxing haven in the bathroom, so that pampering time is enjoyable. Large, free-standing baths are all the rage at the moment and really create that relaxing atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to add personal touches to your bathroom, just like you would any other room; photographs, shabby chic nicknacks and even cushions can be used to add personality.

The key to interior design is to not be scared of it! You know what is best for your house, even if you doubt yourself at times. Unless you’re going wild with a tin of purple paint in every room then we can safely say you won’t need that interior design qualification after all; just some creative ideas and a whole load of personal touches.


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