Bamboo Blinds Aren’t Just For Warm Climate Areas

Environmentally conscious homeowners and apartment dwellers appreciate it when they come across window treatments that are safe for the environment. These window treatments (i.e. bamboo blinds, solar shades) insulate houses and apartments, helping the structures to stay warmer during cold weather and cooler during hot weather.

Considering the fact that the average American shells out $1,300 a month on utilities, hanging bamboo blinds is financially smart. Not only are bamboo blinds environmentally safe, they are also a sustainable resource.  People and Environment reports that, “Because they [bamboo blinds] grow pretty much anywhere, and have weed-like properties, they don’t need pesticides or fertilizers to help them grow.” Furthermore, “Most bamboo is rain fed, meaning no additional water is necessary which helps preserve our water resources, unlike cotton.”

People who live in areas where bamboo blinds from Payless Decor and other retail outlets  are sold may know more about the window treatments than the average adult. For instance, many people have the idea that these blinds that are made from natural resources only work well in tropical climates. This isn’t true. Not only can bamboo blinds help to heat and cool a house or apartment in warm weather, the window treatments can also insulate a living space in areas that are well known for cold weather.

In fact, installing the blinds in rooms of houses that are located in the Northeast, cities and states where the temperatures often drop below freezing during winter, can give these houses a warm feel simply due to the design and material the window treatments are made of. Furthermore, styles that the blinds come in are natural Roman-style, woven, sliding and roller blinds.

There are blinds that can easily be rolled up or rolled down with a side string. Other window treatments slide open, similar to a sliding door. Homeowners who are seeking to add more color or personality to windows that have bamboo blinds installed in front of them can hang wooden or material valances at the top of the blinds.

Adding privacy to rooms can happen in a matter of seconds if homeowners pull the blinds to a close. Not only is this a good option when people want privacy, it’s also a good option when people want to stay cooler indoors. Above all, for the environmentally conscious, is the method that the blinds are made in.

For example, the window treatments are constructed from grass, reeds, wood and rattan. Bamboo canes are shaped and dried. Following this process, the canes are braided together. This ancient window treatment creation process has been used for generations. The difference today is that instead of braiding bamboo canes by hand, manufacturers are relying on high tech machines to braid the canes.

The outcome are natural window treatments that are safer on the environment than window treatments made with dyes, cloth material that may someday end up in at a garbage site or window treatments that are made with plastics. Additionally, because the window treatments are made from natural materials, they can withstand the stress of different weather conditions.


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