How We Saved Money on Our New Windows?

Planning  for a home renovation or home improvement is sometimes very difficult. This is  very  true especially  if you don’t have enough resources or finances to do it. That is why planning  and saving money for any home remodeling or  renovation  is much recommended or must be done.

How did we  saved money on our new windows? Here are are some tips I can share  to you.

Asking some friends who has the same plan or experience.

That time, we had  some  friends who did some home remodeling. We asked them  what was  the name of the company and how  much did they charged  for all windows and the labor cost for dismantling and installing the new ones. We also asked for some ideas  if they were able to save money on their  new windows. It is good to get some  ideas to some people who had the experience with the same projects.

Ask the help of the professionals.

After our friend recommended this company who is engaged in selling and installing new windows, we immediately contacted them to ask some professional advice.  One thing that we want to know is also the  price quote of all the new windows. One of their workers who is a professional in this field visited us once to measure all the sizes of our windows.  I can still remember  he had a special equipment or gadget when he was measuring  each window in each room.  He also asked what kind of windows (whether it is made of aluminum, composite wood or vinyl)  we want to be installed.  In short,  after some days  after he did the check-up and measurements, the price quote was also sent to us.  For everything including the news windows and the labor, it cost almost 15,000.00 Euros.   Wow, truly a big  amount but we did not immediately  grab  their offer.

Try to look for advertisements in the newspaper, flyers, magazines or catalogs  who offer the same services.

It was a perfect timing because we received a catalog about home renovation from a hardware store. In this store, you can find everything you need for whatever things you need considering home repairs and renovation. One of the promotions that time were various types of windows. DH, the expert  and handyman in the house studied the windows that they are selling.  The quality of the windows is  the same  like the one offered by the professional guy who did a price quote for all of our windows.  As we were comparing everything, all of the 12 windows will only cost around 4,000 Euros  excluding the  labor in dismantling and installing it.

Compared to the company whom we asked for some professional advice, their windows alone already  cost almost 9,000.00 Euros.  This  is a big difference  of 5,000.00 Euros.  Of course we considered the quality of the windows in order for us to save  heater bills during winter season. This is main reason why we wanted to change our old wooden  windows.  To make the store short,  DH manually measured all the windows and brought the measurement to the hardware store to order the  new 12 windows.

Saving Money Thru DIY or  Do It Yourself.

Installing new windows requires a lot of hard work, patience and energy. I am happy that DH  knows everything when regards to home repairs and renovations. In fact, we already saved a lot of money in doing all of these including plumbing, car repairs and other home works.  I helped him with the dismantling and installing of our new  windows.   After almost  three weeks  of doing it, the hard labor was paid off. We did not only have a new windows but  it looks very much better than the old ones.

Until now, we can only  smile  when looking on our new and beautiful windows. Most of all, we saved  a lot of money  from this home project.  We are indeed very happy  and contented homeowners now. Most of all, it was all paid in cash because we saved from time to time before we did this home improvement. It was all indeed worth-doing it.

Of course, asking the help of the professionals are always recommended. But if  you can do it by yourself, you can for sure saved more money.


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