How To Grow Great Tomatoes With Tomato Cloche

There is a reason why tomatoes grow wild in Andes, South America. This is because they love the sun and the warmth. The secret to grow nice tomatoes is to re-create this climate. This apparently simple requirement can become quite a challenge if you are based in Britain. However, using the right tomato cloche will definitely make your life much easier and your tomatoes yummier.

The best thing to do is to choose a spot where the plant will get full sunlight. You may even choose a place against a wall or a fence. However, you need to make sure that the plant will get enough water. Although tomato seeds can be planted directly in the soil, this is not a very good decision if you are living in colder climates.

The temperature of the soil should at least be fifteen degree Celsius when you are planting the seeds and when they are germinating. You may consider using a tomato cloche. This will warm up the soil and ensure that the temperature is high enough for the seeds to be planted. A tomato cloche will also protect the plants during their initial and fragile stages of development.

Many a time people prefer sowing tomato seeds indoors and/ or under a tomato cloche and they are often able to produce good results. Later on these plants are transported outside when the time is right. A tomato cloche will largely contribute in raising the temperature and trapping the heat.

The main objective is to achieve a no frost condition and a soil temperature of fifteen degree Celsius as mentioned above. Growing tomatoes outdoors is a great option because in that case you don’t have to limit yourself by space and can grow as many plants as you want.

A tomato cloche is a great way to protect your tomatoes from harsh weather conditions, blight, and slugs. Although the name says tomato cloche, these can also be used to protect chilli plants. Think of a tomato cloche as your plant’s protective shield or a weather-proof home. As mentioned above, these can enhance the growth of tomatoes by helping the soil reaching the appropriate temperature. These may even extend the growing season.

A tomato cloche can be a great addition to your gardening supplies. You would love them even more when you see the bright red tomatoes popping out of the plants. If you are looking to purchase a tomato cloche, you may visit the online gardening supplies destination Mega Garden Stores.

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