Advantages of Having a Not so Big Home

This is the dream of every family or individual, to have an abode of their own.  Besides this is one of our necessities that will protect us in any weather, rain or shine or  during cold winter times.  Home is the place where we spend time with our  family, where we can relax, do everything we want and it can become our prized possession.

Home-Pinas.Picture 006
My  retirement home along the sea. This is indeed my prized possession. Hope to visit it soon!

Building  our own home requires a great  decision and a lot of money. It is not just you will spend a  hundred  dollars and  you already have a place to stay. That is why most people who are planning to build a home always consult the experts especially those who can give plans and financial advices.

Don’t get me wrong but I believed most people would love to build  a big home.   Right folks? Always remember owning a big home also requires a lot of money especially with its maintenance from time to time.

Here are some advantages of having  not a so big house like ours;

Easy to Clean

Do you own a big house? I believed you  are complaining sometimes  being tired of cleaning your big home. This is  one advantage of not having a big home, because it is easy to clean it. It is not really a big problem cleaning a big home if you have the money to hire a cleaner or housemaid. If your earning is only enough for your  basic needs and to pay for all the bills, then  owning and maintaining a  big house is quite difficult  for you.

Lesser Heating or Electric Bills on Winter

Of course, everyone is trying to save money on heating or electric bills especially during cold winter season. I remember an online blogger friend from England who mentioned that their house is very cold during winter.  They own a very big house,  probably over twice  or even thrice bigger than ours. They are only  turning on their heater  from 3 to 4 hours  a day. She said that they are trying to save their heating bills so they are only turning their electric heater on  for 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour at noon and 1-2  hours  in the evening.

I believed it is not enough to keep the house warm the whole day. The thing is, they own a very big house so  that would also  means  more expensive heating maintenance during winter season.  She said that they want to transfer to a smaller home in the future.

I am already happy and contented with our little home.  At least, our wood pellet oven that is running 24-hours a day can already make  our home warm. When it really gets very cold on winter, we are also turning on our  electric heaters.

A little Home has little  Maintenance in terms of Renovation

If ever a house really needs a renovation in the future, a not so big home  like  ours also requires not too big money in terms of repairs and maintenance.  For example if  the walls needs new painting, you will not spend a lot of money  because there is not much space to paint.   Time will also come that you need to replace some things like gutters, roofs, floors, etcetera, if you have a big house, you also need a big money to do the renovation. Think about it!

A Not so Big House also Means Lesser Mortgage

If you built your house by lending money from the bank,  for sure  you are paying a monthly mortgage for it. Big house also means higher  monthly  mortgage every month. If you have a good job and earning a good money,  why not?  But what if you lose your job and you can no longer afford to pay for the mortgage?

When borrowing money from the bank or any financial institutions  to finance the building of your home, you also need to  consider these  things; Can I afford to pay for it in the long run? What if I lose my job?

There are still so many things to consider, but then, there is only one thing I can say, be practical and always think a thousand times before building a big  home. Can you maintain and afford it in the long run? Besides, you might be building your home only once.

For now, we are quite happy with the little home we have. It  is only around 120 square meters  and we are happily and contentedly living in it.  It is quite an old building and from time to time, we are renovating  it when finances are available. More on that,  it is debt-free and we are proud of it!


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