5 Black Friday Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Black Friday has become as much a part of holiday traditions as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year, and millions of people are hunting for the best bargains for their holiday gift lists. This hunt and the chaos of it all can lead to unnecessary injuries if you’re not careful. Here are five Black Friday injuries and how to avoid them.


There have been reports over the years about people trampling one another to get through the doors of their favorite stores. In 2008, a mob of Walmart shoppers broke down the doors and trampled an employee and two shoppers. Trampling can lead to severe bruises, which can lead to further medical complications. To avoid being trampled, or injuring others, take your time, keep your eyes open and focused. Most of all, don’t be in too much of a rush.

Broken Bones

Trampling can also cause broken bones. A Walmart in Rome, New York reported minor injuries when several fights broke out in the electronics department, knocking several shoppers down. Protect yourself from this madness by avoiding heavily crowded areas of the store.

You should also avoid rushing to get from store to store. This can cause you to slip and fall or collide with others. To avoid slip-and-fall injuries, wear proper shoes, walk slowly and carefully, and be mindful of ice patches.

Bloody Nose

Everyone stretching and reaching for the same items on the shelf can cause confusion. If you’re not paying close enough attention to the person next to you, you can easily get bumped in the nose. If the blow is hard enough, it could cause a nose bleed. To avoid this, stay away from the busiest shelves in the stores until they’re less crowded, and pay attention to the people around you also reaching for the same item. Be mindful of others walking around the store to avoid being bumped and avoid bumping into others.


Several incidents can lead to a possible concussion, including passing out. When you’re running around from store to store, you may forget to stop for food. This can lead to low blood sugar and exhaustion, which can result in fainting and hitting your head. Even a mild head bump could result in a concussion. To avoid passing out while holiday shopping, be sure to stop and rest, grab a quick bite to eat, and drink plenty of water.

Cuts and Scrapes

Slipping and falling, passing out, being trampled, and fighting over items with others can lead to several cuts and scrapes. In November 2012, paramedics treated a few shoppers in Santa Monica from minor cuts caused by a store window that broke when a mob surged in. To avoid cuts and scrapes, avoid the mobs of people surrounding storefronts or even one item.

Black Friday injuries can be avoided. Pay attention, and keep yourself safe. Try shopping from home over the Internet to avoid these five injuries. Will you venture out into the madness this holiday season? If you do, keep the nearest urgent care center in mind.

Jacob Anderson is a freelance journalist from Scottsdale, Arizona who writes for a variety of health and wellness blogs and periodicals.


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