We Are Ready for the Coming Winter in Europe

When other parts of the globe are having problems about bush fire at the moment, we are having a season where we need to turn-on our home heater because it is autumn and the weather is cold right now.

I was saddened while watching the world news tonight that Australia’s New South Wales is still blazing with fire. I can’t imagine people who lost their lives, homes and properties due to this catastrophe. Let’s continue to pray that miracles of rain will be sent to there to stop this tragedy.

Colorful autumn in Germany.

I was also saddened after reading the news and posts in facebook about the recent natural catastrophe in the Philippines especially in Bohol and Cebu. Earthquakes hit these regions and it breaks my heart seeing the victims and their family who are suffering. Please pray with me for a miracle to also stop this calamity. I read over the news today  that there are still aftershocks going on.

Home.pellet oven.SAM_5601
Our pellet oven which serve as our main heater. I’ll show you next time our  electric heaters.

Back to the main topic..I can say that we are ready for the coming winter season. Our wood pellets are already ordered and have been delivered last month. We ordered 4 pallets of these stuffs to be used for our pellet oven during the whole winter season. Our second heater which are electric ones are also ready.

We also did some clean-ups in our garden and in our double-purpose patio/garage. I believed everything is ready now and we are so thankful about it.

I also started to take-out my winter boots, jackets, sweaters and pull-overs. I also bought with two new winter jackets. I believed we  will be doing good this coming winter season. For now, I am just enjoying the beauty of golden  October. The surroundings are so colorful  now and it just makes me say,”wow, indeed a beauty of nature”!

I hope you are all ready  for the coming winter in Europe. Take care everyone and be safe!


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