The Many Varieties of Security Cameras

Whether you need to protect your home, business, or property, having the right type of security camera is key. The type of security camera you choose should depend directly on the type area in which you are using it. Many people aren’t aware of all the different varieties of cameras that are available. Optimize your security footage by selecting the best camera for the environment you are securing.

Infrared Security Camera

If you are looking to record footage in an area that features minimal light, an infrared camera is a great choice. Often referred to as night vision cameras, infrared cameras capture video in areas of complete darkness and very dim light. During the day, night vision cameras still capture high-resolution, color footage. At night, infrared security cameras capture black and white footage. Infrared cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Infrared Bullet Camera: Bullet cameras can be mounted on the ceiling or wall. Thin and cylindrical, bullet cameras are waterproof and are best used to capture fixed footage.
  • Infrared Dome Camera: Dome shaped, these cameras are durable and unobtrusive.
  • License Plate Capture: License plate capture cameras use a varifocal lens to zoom in or out on an object while maintaining premium focus and definition of the entire object.

Pro Box Camera

Pro box cameras can produce high quality footage in amazing detail. While many models have both full light and low light recording potential, box cameras work best in areas that have a substantial light source. You can change the lenses in a pro box camera to accommodate your specific needs for the space, including the zoom and viewing angle. These cameras are often used in convenience stores, supermarkets, and banks.

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Pan tilt zoom cameras give the user the ability to control camera footage through a computer with remote viewing software. PTZ cameras afford the user the ability to see a wide area as well as the chance to zoom in on a specific object like face or license plate. PTZ cameras can be programmed to cover a broad range of activity on a set schedule. You can find pan tilt zoom cameras in large department stores, airports, and casinos.

Hidden Camera

The highest degree of video surveillance takes place when individuals aren’t aware they are being watched. Hidden cameras work well to catch employee theft. They are also used in pharmacies, assisted living facilities, hotel hallways, and homes. Best used as indoor security cameras, most hidden cameras do not have night vision capabilities, and are usually not made to withstand bad weather conditions.

Network Camera

Also known as IP cameras, network cameras allow the user to access footage from the Internet. In order to do this, they are wireless and hardwired. These cameras have gained popularity due to their convenience and ease of use, appealing to both business and homeowners. Users can view their security cameras from anywhere that has Internet access.

High Definition Camera

For some users, a camera that records standard footage is acceptable. Other businesses, such as casinos, require the use of high definition cameras. HD cameras allow the user to focus on specific details – such as facial expressions – with great clarity.

If you are in the market for a video surveillance camera, be sure to choose the right type of camera for the area you are securing.

Article written by BrickHouse Security. For more industry news & updates on home security and personal surveillance, follow them on Twitter @BrickHousesecur or check out their blog Brickhouse Security Blog. 


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