Expert Organic Lawn Care Tips

Helpful Advice To Keep Your Grass Looking Great While Staying Safe

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If you want to keep your lawn looking great without a lot of harsh and dangerous pesticides, you’re not alone. Many people are looking to organic lawn care to keep their curb appeal high while also keeping the area safe and healthy. Having a great looking lawn is work, but there are methods you can use to stay organic. Keep reading to learn more about ways to make lawn care more environmentally friendly while still giving you a great looking lawn.
Lawn Care Tips That Work

Here are some organic lawn care tips that will help you achieve the perfect lawn without a lot of pesticides.

● Test Your Soil – Before you buy any nutrients or fertilizer, it’s important to test your soil so that you know it’s exact chemical makeup. This isn’t difficult to do. Having your soil tested will cost a little money, but it’s a wise investment.

● Choose Your Grass – After knowing a little more about your soil and the weather conditions of where you live, you should choose grass seeds that are known to grow well for your particular area and with your soil composition.

● Clover is Good – Beyond making your lawn stand out, clover is actually beneficial for your lawn. What some consider a “weed” is actually something that’s been used for hundreds of years to keep lawns looking great.

● Weeds are Messengers – By looking at what type of weeds are coming up in your lawn or garden, you can learn more about the makeup of the soil. Pay attention to the weeds as you pull them and research what they might mean about the dirt your lawn is growing in.

● Known How to Water – Knowing when and how to water your lawn can save you a lot of money in the long run. Make sure you’re not watering in the sun – wait until the morning just before the sun comes up so the grass gets the most from the watering. Additionally, go for one deep watering session rather than a lot of small ones.

● Always Be Learning – Even if you have the greenest of thumbs, there’s still an opportunity to learn more about gardening and keeping your lawn looking great all year long no matter where you live on the planet. The Internet makes it easy to continue learning as you go along.

Following the organic lawn care tips above will help you with your landscaping while keeping the environment a little safer. Working on the lawn can actually be a way to avoid stress. If you have any of your own advice or tips to share, please leave a comment below and join the conversation.


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