Are Pests Bugging You? You Need To Read This!

Pest Control in Tidewater VAYou work hard for the house and on it; do not allow bugs or rodents go over! The next post is dedicated to solving pest management problems and features useful guidance. Protect your own home and family by getting the required measures to remove pests and keep them gone permanently.

Use steel wool to fill any rodent holes. Even though rodents can gnaw through lots of different materials, they’re not powerful enough to chew the metal strands from steel wool. Seal any opening that’s above a half-inch in diameter. Mice and rats can squeeze through some miniature openings.

One of the ways which you’ll be able to stop mosquitoes from visiting your own property would be to remove the standing water which you have outside. This is sometimes anything from a pool into a kiddy pool, as you’ll need to empty all the water in these, notably in the summertime.

You ought to frequently inspect the pipes of your house and ensure you don’t leave any traces of water, for instance beneath the pots you use for the plants or in your kitchen counter. Humidity can cause a fungus infestation and leaks provides pest together with the water required to endure.

Do not suppose that pests are entirely gone only as you haven’t seen any. In case your exterminator wants to return for a followup, you ought to follow their guidance. There’s a great possibility that there’s still a little people in your house that may have come from eggs, so listen to the expert and stick with the followup appointment.

Ensure your displays are entirely operational all the time. These also help remove pesky crawling bugs. Repair holes which are now part of the displays.

Extermination Services in Tidewater VAWhen attempting to avoid having pests within your house, recognize your lawn is equally as important to maintenance. Do not let trash sit around outside and also make certain there’s no puddles or stagnant water accumulating everywhere. Moreover, hold your grass trimmed and the weeds to some minimum. You really do not need your own lawn to become a pest playhouse.

Are you currently having a slug problem in your garden or lawn? A simple fix for this particular dilemma is to just put a pie plate of stale beer across the backyard. The slugs love this and can crawl in and drown in the stale beer. It is a simple and inexpensive fix to your pesky slug problem.

Should you detect centipedes inside your home, you have another problem with pests that you’ll not realize about. Centipedes predate on other insects; so, should you see them in your own house, you have another pest infestation. There are lots of products available to assist you rid your house of those pesky pests.

Ideally you’ve found some quite helpful data within this post; pest control is really a menacing problem no homeowner or apartment dweller needs to endure. Use the hints outlined here or consult an expert if needed. Recover your residence by getting a permanent alternative to pest issues now.

You do not want pests and termites inviting themselves into your home or business. Ask Hug-A-Bug Pest Control & Termite Inc. in Tidewater, Virginia, to take care of this pest control problem, using our deep knowledge of the industry and 35 years of experience. Contact us today for pest control that you can afford due to our low prices, discounts and flexible payment plans.


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  1. MzBaker Says:

    I love the banana spider he’s just a garden spider and doesn’t hurt you if you get bit, unless you’re allergic to the spider bite. They create a web that I call the spider man web its round and big and he sits right in the middle! I used to catch them when I was a kid using jars and a lid and I put the lid on one side of the web and the jar on the other side and boom closed it on them. We had a fish tank that we kept them in and fed them all kinds of bugs. Until we put a praying mantis in there and well he ate our spiders. lol


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