Advice for a family move to Denver

People move for many reasons. Sometimes they move by choice and other times out of necessity. Relocating to a new community, especially across state lines, can be exciting but also challenging, especially when children are involved. Humans are creatures of habit, and moving can throw quite a kink in the wheel. So, how does a family move to a new city like Denver without a complete meltdown?

Keeping a positive attitude about the move is an excellent way to help everyone get used to the idea and to adjust, but there are other things to keep in mind. How do you make a move as stress free as possible?

The basics of moving with kids

When parents consider relocating, they really need to sit down and think about what that move will mean to the entire family. Does the move have benefits that outweigh the upset of established comfort and routine that the family already has in place? Is the pro list longer than the con list? Aside from reducing stress and dealing with the kids, there are quite a few factors involved in moving the whole family.

With kids still in school, parents must remember to prepare the necessary paperwork – both academic and medical – to make enrollment in the new school a snap. It is also essential to consider the best time to move. Often, parents don’t have a choice, but for families with flexibility, moving during the summer, when school is out, is maybe the best idea, rather than uproot everyone in the middle of the year. However, timing can’t always be based on what’s best for the family – and the house might not even be ready – so parents should also consider checking out a storage unit in Denver   in which to keep their prized possessions temporarily.

Children like to feel like they have a say and are involved in the family’s decision-making process, so it is beneficial to include them in the plans for the move. Keeping kids in the loop not only minimizes stress but also helps them prepare for the upcoming changes that they will inevitably face when moving to a whole new city with lots of people they don’t know. Make their involvement fun – plan family meetings that involve pizza, movies, and games!

Getting to Denver

Once the logistics of moving with the family have been worked out, it’s time to really think about the great city of Denver. There’s no question that Denver’s real estate market is booming and there are plenty of good neighborhoods for families. One of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods is Belcaro, with the Phipps Belcaro Mansion as its centerpiece. Filled with mid-century homes built in the 1950s, it’s a quiet area with plenty of space to run around. Cherry Creek is another prestigious area with a plethora of luxury condominiums, pre-war bungalows, Victorian homes, and townhouses. It’s also close to plenty of shopping and entertainment. For families that don’t want to live right in Denver, the suburbs are great – particularly Castle Rock, with its charming small town hospitality. Stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, great schools, and reasonably priced real estate make this suburb especially appealing to families.

Denver is a diverse city with lots of fun, culture, and things to do. From the awe-inspiring architecture to its rich culture, Denver has so much to offer any family making their home in this Colorado city. For art lovers, the Denver Art Museum offers everyone – from parents to kids – a taste of fine art and education mixed with lots of fun. For nature lovers, stop by the Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center in Broomfield, which is home to almost 2,000 butterflies. The Denver Zoo isn’t half bad, either! These are just a few ideas of places to see in this great city – so why not hurry up and call those movers?


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