Fence Project Is Still Going!

Good day everyone! I am back here to give you a bit update.  I would go for a walk this afternoon but since the weather is not so friendly, I decided to  stay at home and do some household chores. I am slowly doing some autumn cleaning before the  weather gets so nasty this season. I also need to do a lot of things before I got for a great trip  again starting next week. This is how busy I am everyday!

This is the location of the lot. You can have a very nice view of the city of Cebu. I hope we can further develop it in the future.

My main topic is actually about a fence project that is going on right now.  I bought a parcel of lot in my home country some years ago.  I guess it was in 2005 and since it is fully paid 4 years ago, we decided to start the fencing project last month. I chatted with my brother who is in-charge for this project and he said that the budget is quite low now. I told him to wait next month again to continue the fencing. Oh well, just working slowly but surely.

I did not expect that the project  is quite expensive. I believed, I need around $3,000 until the fence  is done. The lot is almost 600 square meters. I shared it here why we need to do a fence around the property. by the way,  I am open to donors and sponsors. haha!

I believed, it was another good investment again about the fencing of this lot. I am glad that I already achieved  some things in my young age. lolz! I used and investing  money in a right away. Oh well, what can you expect from a banker and accountant by degree and profession. I am just using what I have learned and the knowledge I have about investment.

From time to time when finances are  available, I would love to develop more this lot in the future.

I am also thankful for my siblings in making some projects possible. You’re deeds are truly appreciate. God bless us all!


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