Proper Diet and Nourishment

Let me share this first. A friend told me that someone want to lose weight and start a diet plan. She said, this lady skipped and avoided to eat proper food for some days believing that by doing that, she will lose excess fat in her body. As a result of not eating proper food, that lady got sick and felt so weak in her body. Would you think, this is the right way of losing weight? I believed not!

Every woman and maybe some men out there would surely want a healthy and slim body. I am with you guys. I always wanted to get back my slim figure 12 years ago. I am slowly working on it. The past days, I am trying to avoid foods that are not really health. I am starting to prepare meals that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables are also included in our daily diet. Thanks to my good friends who are nurses, who keep on sharing topics on proper diet and nutrition every now and then.

One of my friend who is working as a nurse for over a decade now want to pursue a higher education. She wants to take online Master of Science in nursing courses to pursue her career. She said, she undergoes continuous education from time to time. She must attend classes and seminars to get updated with the current trends  of medical and health field. To be more competitive in her career, she said taking courses like Master of Science in Nursing, will surely lead for better knowledge in the ever changing health care industry and to have better chances in her career. According to her, “Life is a process of continuous education”.   If you are a nurse  who want to take  online  Master of Science in nursing, Benedictine University  is the answer to your needs.

It is great to have friends who have knowledge in medical and health field. I am always happy when they share and partake ideas about health and balanced diet and nutrition. You know who you are and I am always grateful for sharing your knowledge.

I hope that my dream and wish of  getting rid of excess weight will be a success. I just need proper diet and nourishment and  focus and discipline as well.  I am crossing my fingers!


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