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Daily Reading- John 8:21-30

St. Paul tells us that we proclaim a crucified Christ. Jesus tells us exactly the same thing, that when He is “lifted up from the earth He will draw all people to Himself.” There is no escaping the paradox that exists in the Gospel: a crucified Christ is the redeemer of the world. We will […]


It  is  always a nice feeling when someone is engaged.  You will soon be entering another stage of life…the marriage life. I know someone who is  happily engaged.  She is currently waiting for her fiancee visa to the United States of America. I remember when she told me that her soon to be husband gave […]

Daily Inspiration- Numbers 21:4-9

Sometimes, to get to a particular destination, there are some rocky roads that we have to traverse. There is nothing that we can do about this. A wise person knows this and has the patience to endure the difficulties, knowing that there will be an end to them if he just waits. It is not […]


Hi folks! How it is going? I am doing fine despite of some unexpected things that happened the past week. This is the optimistic attitude in me where I always see positive things on negative situations. I always see it as a challenge and I am always ready to face it. At least, I am […]

Daily Nourishment- Luke 4:24-30

Some of the things that Jesus said in His mission were quite inflammatory. Did Jesus want to be provocative? Quite unlikely, but one thing is sure. He was not willing to compromise the truth so He always spoke it as He saw it. The Church knows what doing this means and how the intellectuals of […]

Home Furniture Shopping

Good day everyone! It seems that I am not seeing  the sun shining outside.  Oh yes, I finally see it.  Let me talk about furniture shopping this time. I guess some of you have the difficulty in choosing the  furniture for  your home. I do the same.  Last month,  as we were looking for bathroom […]

Daily Nourishment- 2 Kings 5:1-15

Some people come to faith in God through a relatively easy path; others by the torturous path of the road less traveled. It does not really matter which path we take; what matters is that we have traveled a path and reached our destination of becoming a disciple of Jesus. It is not for us […]

Little Treasures

Do you have treasures in life? I believed you do have one. We may define treasure in many ways. Treasure is defined as a concentration of riches. What are riches anyway? I believed you also have an idea about it. Some would say they have a lot of treasures because they owna vast of lands […]

Daily Nourishment- James 2:1-9

There are no second-class citizens in the Kingdom of God. One of the beauties of the Gospel is precisely this truth – that salvation is achieved in exactly the same way for all men and women, namely through the death and resurrection of Jesus. This means that we cannot consider any one person better than […]

Starting My Diet

I am starting all over again. This time I am quite serious with my diet plan. It’s been a week now since I started it. It does not mean that I am not eating meals because I am on diet. I am actually eating a lot of times in a day. The difference is, I […]



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