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Gospel Inspiration- Mark 8:27-33

We like hierarchies because they help us know where we stand. They can take out a lot of anxiety in our lives. There are always struggles for leadership in human organizations. Thank God that the Church is more than a human organization. Holy Spirit, help the Church to remain faithful to its calling to proclaim […]

Friday Etcetera

Thanks God its Friday! I wonder why a lot of people always say this. I guess, it is because weekend is almost coming. For those who are working from Monday to Friday, this is their last day of work and they can finally relax or do some things during the weekend. In contrary, I am […]

Daily Nourishment- James 1:19-27

God’s Word is life. Only a fool rejects it. There must be a lot of fools, or at least half-fools in the world. Why do people take some of the truth of the Gospel and not the whole thing? It is not logical. Either we believe God knows what He is doing when He directs […]

For My Sis

Its been quite a long time since I did not have a chat or a call with my sister back home. I also did not call to greet her on her birthday two weeks ago. Thanks to facebook that I was able to extend my greetings and wishes to her. Belated happy birthday dear sister. […]

Gospel Inspiration-Mark 3:31-35

This is an important truth – it is those who hear the Word of God and obey it that please God. Today is the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, a great apologist and evangelist for the Church at around the time of the Reformation, whose life reflected this truth in a wonderful way. He […]

Medicine Box

Good evening everyone! Let me share you this before I sign-off for tonight. I am quite tired now after doing some organizing and cleaning today. Hopefully I will be done soon. Back to main topic..Where is our medication cart? I would mean a medicine box for this. Hubby was trying to find a band aid […]

Daily Inspiration- Acts 22:3-16 (or Acts 9:1-22)

Paul’s conversion is an inspiration for many. How could a man as convinced as he was of the rightness of his chosen path, been turned around so dramatically to take the opposite direction? The simple answer is, the truth of the Gospel. Truth, if we open our hearts and minds to it, can inspire virtually […]

Freezing Cold Winter

Can you imagine wearing only pants and shirt outside when the temperature drops below sub-zero, let’s say negative 10 degree Celsius? For sure, I cannot do that. I was only some minutes outside this afternoon to throw some trash and papers, wearing a fleece jacket but still it is very cold. I always see to […]



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