There Are Treasures In Your Trials

Do you experience trials and difficulties at the moment? Are there problems that are bothering you? Are you grieving because you just lost a loveone or a friend? Each and everyone has its own story of trials and problems. Always there are always solutions on it. More on that, keep your hope and faith. One day you will find that the cross you are carrying is gone.

Here is a very inspiring sharing from Bo Sanchez.

“There Are Treasures In Your Trials

Today, I’d like to talk about hope. Let me explain to you how important hope is. May I ask you to do an experiment?

For ten minutes, don’t breathe. After ten minutes, evaluate your experience. Write it down. Like how you saw a light at the end of a tunnel. And saw Angels for the first time. And then ask Archangel Michael to deliver your written report to my house.

Just kidding. You need oxygen to survive. Well, I believe hope is like oxygen. You need hope to live everyday.

May I share?

I’m not just a preacher. I’m also an entrepreneur. And I teach people how to be entrepreneurs. Here’s what I noticed. I have yet to meet a successful entrepreneur whose is a pessimist. Honest! All the successful people I know are optimists. They have bushels of hope in their hearts.

Why? Because you won’t start a business, or sell a product, or give jobs to people, or do all that hard work, if you don’t have hope that you’ll succeed.

Especially when trials come…”
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