Part I: Do You Have A Forgiving Attitude?

It’s been a week now since I did not check my other email add. I do subscribe to Kyregma and Bo Sanchez inspiring messages. Sometimes, we just need inspiring messages like these to help us clear things such a confusion, grudges with friends, quarrel with hubby, anger, hurt feelings, hatred and anything that make us unhappy.

Praying for those people who have anger and hatred in their hearts!

Thank you so much Bo for this inspiring words!

“Do You Have A Forgiving Attitude?

Forgiveness is difficult. And confusing.

Before I share with you my main message, let me clarify two things that confuse a lot of people.

Forgiveness And Friendship Require 2 Decisions

First clarification: Forgiveness is different from Friendship.
When you forgive someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be friends with him again.

For example, when a business partner steals from you, you should forgive him. But that doesn’t mean you’ll take him back as your business partner again. That’s a separate decision you’ll have to make.

When your drunkard husband beats you up regularly, you should forgive him. But that doesn’t mean you should take him back as a husband again.

One friend comes to mind: “Liza”. When I got to know her, her husband beat her up for the past 21 years. Her husband’s favorite tool of torture was his hammer. When he was angry, he’d pick up his hammer, push her hand to the wall, and hammer her fingers to bloody pulp.

I asked her, “Why did you stay with this monster for 21 years?” She said, “Because he asked me for his forgiveness.” I told her, “Don’t confuse forgiveness with stupidity. Forgive him, yes, but run away as far as possible from that monster.”

She said, “But I love him…”

I told her, “No, you don’t love him. You need him. You’re attached to him. But you don’t love him. If you really loved him, you would have walked out of that horrible marriage a long time ago. By staying there, you allowed him to continue in his sin of violence.”

Let me say it again. Forgiveness and friendship are two different things that require two different decisions.

Don’t confuse the two.
Second clarification. Please don’t be shocked with what I’m going to say next…”

(To continue reading Bo’s inspiring article, click here.)


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