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There are a number of similar instances where Jesus heals on the Sabbath in the Gospels. It must have been quite an issue during His ministry for so many similar stories to have survived. Perhaps this indicates a tendency for us to look for an easy way out of a difficult situation rather than confronting the issue head on. Let us learn that it is the truth that ultimately represents the path of freedom. Let us live for the truth of love and never forget the example of Jesus.

Luke 14:1-6
1 On a sabbath Jesus went to dine at the home of one of the leading Pharisees, and the people there were observing him carefully. 2 In front of him there was a man suffering from dropsy. 3 Jesus spoke to the scholars of the law and Pharisees in reply, asking, “Is it lawful to cure on the Sabbath or not?” 4 But they kept silent; so he took the man and, after he had healed him, dismissed him. 5 Then he said to them, “Who among you, if your son or ox falls into a cistern, would not immediately pull him out on the Sabbath day?” 6 But they were unable to answer his question.

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t h in k : Let us live for the truth of love and never forget the example of Jesus.


This was another healing of the Lord Jesus on the Sabbath. Jesus, a Jew, could not stop Himself from curing the man with dropsy. He was moved by the suffering of the man. Also, He took the opportunity to show to the people, especially the scholars of the law and the Pharisees, the Spirit of the law as received by Moses. It is interesting to note that since Moses received the laws from God, the elders created so many additional related laws in order to fulfill the commandments. However, in the process, too much stress was made on the letter of the law than on its essence. Jesus was aware of that development that is why He was very courageous even to earn the ire of the leaders in order to show the real intent of the laws given by God.

There is only one law and that is the law of love. With love, one can never go wrong. We refer to love here as a decision to intend the goodness of the other, that is, to lead the other to salvation. That is the ultimate goal of our relationship with one another and with God. Anything we do or say must lead to a union with God. The Ten Commandments were given in order for us to have a way to express our love for one another. They were supposed to be the norms for loving, which is its Spirit. Salvation, though, is not restricted to following those laws. Is fulfilling the laws the ultimate goal? Laws are limited. They do not totally capture the Spirit. To believe that salvation is achieved by merely following the commandments is a mistake. Through these laws, may we learn to love. Through these laws, may we see the Truth. Through these laws, may we find the Way! In other words, the ultimate goal is God!

The question of Jesus to the scholars and the Pharisees was very revealing. His message to them was clear. That was why “they were unable to answer.” Surely, they would seek the care of their endangered loved ones even on Sabbath.

Its relevance in our lives is clear. The Commandments are guides. What is important is our attitude towards others and God. Let us use the laws, not the other way around. Always seek to love. Love is greater than the laws. Love will see us through. Love will get us to heaven. Fr. Benny Tuazon

Reflection Question:
How do you live your life? Do you live a life of love? Do you extend kindness and compassion to people in need even if it would inconvenience you?

To be kind, to be compassionate, to be loving to every person I encounter is my prayer, O Lord.

St. Bond, pray for us.



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